Keeping Your Home’s Concrete Foundation Well-Maintained

Man standing infront of a cracked concrete wall

Natural disasters usually come unannounced, which is why we should always be prepared for when it actually hits us. One way to do so is to keep your home well-maintained at all times, especially your concrete foundation. This keeps your home intact, as well as your family safe from disasters.

Here, we will give you a few suggestions when it comes to keeping your home’s concrete foundation well maintained. It starts with proper concrete construction in Salt Lake City, so make sure to hire only the best company when it comes to building your home’s foundation.

Have it Inspected Every Once in a While

Not checking your home for cracks, leaks, and damages is a surefire way to keep your concrete foundation to wear off in no time. Always hire a professional inspector to come into your home and inspect the whole house for cracks and damages every once in a while. Have them come in at least once to twice a year so you would know that your home is safe from any type of damage.

Insects can also be a huge factor when it comes to concrete foundation deterioration, so have them look into the holes and cracks as well and make sure that there are no insects present in the area.

Steer Clear of Large Trees

We all know that huge trees equal to even bigger roots, and as the tree grows, there is a huge chance that it can affect your home’s concrete foundation. Also, trees naturally need water and moisture to survive, which means that it will such the moisture and water out of your soil and damage your structure.

Have the trees planted at least 15 to 30 feet away from your home and its foundation so you can be sure that it would not damage your concrete foundation anytime soon.

Have a Good Foundation Drainage System Installed

Too much moisture and water in and around your foundation are just as bad as having no type of water around it. This process is called “upheaval,” which is when your concrete foundation rises above its original position. You should make sure that the water and all of its sources is directed away from the foundation, so you would not have to worry about it damaging your concrete foundation soon.

Make sure to have proper gutter systems installed around your home so the water will be drained properly.

Find a Proper Slope

Mixing a small batch of concrete to repair a cracked column

Your house needs to be built on a proper slope so the water would not damage the foundation. You should also make sure to have proper grading so that the water can be drained away from your concrete foundation and not into it.

If you have already made the mistake of building the foundation on a slope that leads the water to your home, then just have a moisture barrier installed around your house. Remember that it must be installed five feet deep around it.

These tips are meant to keep your home safe from erosion or from getting damaged due to unseen circumstances. Always ask your contractors about these so they’d know how to install your foundation well.


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