Landscaping 101 for Newbies

Landscaping is a fantastic hobby to get into because it will make your home look more beautiful. Plus, it increases the value of your house. However, it may be difficult for beginners since it seems like a daunting task. To help you do the best job possible, here are some tips you should know.

Assess the Yard

Before you make any decision, you need to assess your yard. For instance, you should know where the path of the sun is, and how wind moves through your yard. You need to find the sunniest and shadiest spots, so you know where to plant. If you want to add furniture to your yard, you should look for the shadiest area.

Create a Budget

You need to create a realistic budget before you start landscaping. While you do not have to buy everything at once, you need to realize that landscaping can be expensive. You need to get equipment, mulch, plants, hardscape materials, and more. You can scope around to see where the best deals are. For instance, you can look for a quality topsoil delivery company in Utah to get topsoil delivered to you as needed.

Choose a Style


Everyone tells beginners that the most important part of landscaping is creating a plan. When you make a plan, you should think about what style you want to reflect your home’s personality. Make sure the style you choose will enhance the way your house looks. Gardening and landscaping is a way to decorate your home from the outside. Some styles that you can choose from are natural, modern, and minimalist.

Create Focal Points

A crucial part of landscaping is creating focal points and making everything else complement these spots. For instance, a group of trees or a lovely water fixture can be a fantastic focal point. If you have a certain view in your yard you want to enhance, you can strategically plant trees around it to frame it. If you want to improve the way the deck or patio looks, you can grow shrubs such as hydrangeas near it.

Choose the Plants

If you are not sure about what plants you want, you can visit a local flower or gardening shop to ask them which good plants are available. Be sure to focus on getting native plants as they will thrive best in your region and will be low-maintenance. Consider where you want to plant as well. Want to place a flower bed in a shadier area? You need to get plants that can thrive with less sunlight.

Go for Simplicity

The key to beautiful landscaping, especially for beginners, is simplicity. You should make a straightforward and easy plan. While having a glamorous yard is desirable, you should not overdo it right away. Start small — focus on building small areas of your yard at a time. Simplicity will help keep your yard neat and pleasing to the eye.

Landscaping can be a rewarding hobby. Remember to follow the tips above to make the most out of your efforts.

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