Layered Security is the Best for Your Home

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When asked if your home is secure, what would be your answer? Some people have decided to leave everything to a pair of family dogs. Others have a cache of firearms hidden somewhere in the bedroom. However, a home security professional will tell you that layered security is the ultimate solution.

Like a set of blankets during the winter season, each homeowner can have a unique layer of security depending on their needs. Normally, a home comprises three layers. How well you combine these aspects will determine the security effectiveness that you achieve.

Here is an interesting perspective that involves the three Ds:


Deterring an intrusion is about making the intruder believe that seeking an alternative would be a better decision. This is based on the human mind being designed around reward vs. risk decisions. If the reward seems more precious, the mind is willing to take greater risks.

Now, the other side of the same applies in the case of deterrence tactics. If you have finally bought your dream wall TV set, do not through the box where everyone will see it. Cutting the box into pieces for the dustbin or reusing it in the house would be a better idea. The whole point is to limit the perception of a reward to would-be intruders or burglars. The canines come in here because they reduce the attraction of intruders. Even a home security system that is quietly out of service can be enough deterrence, as long as the sign or sticker is still visible.


If the deterrence tactic did not work, the next option is to delay intrusion. If you are inside the house and a thief is struggling to break through the main gate, the longer they can take the better for you. Your fence company should know that the outermost fence is the truest security. Industrial-grade fences and other components of the perimeter should in line with delaying the intruder, help alert occupants of the intrusion. Some of the sophisticated technologies in use today for this purpose are cameras, fiber optics, and taut wires.

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Unlike the tendency of many homeowners to start with defense, this is actually the final layer of any security arrangement. If it comes to using this layer, then it means that the perimeter fence and all the other components have failed. Also called the confrontation layer, this is the stage where the homeowner is forced to use weapons- pepper spray, baseball bat, guns etc. Any weapon that you are reasonably comfortable with could do here. The most important thing is to be acquainted with laws and rights surrounding self-defense in the country. Understand the processes that follow such a scenario: police arrival, investigations, prosecutor’s role and the court proceedings.


The suggestions here are meant to deter burglars and help relook into your home security system and identify areas that need improvement. The conventional measures, for instance using quality locks and making access difficult, still apply today. Remember that a good system is designed to prevent intrusion in the first place.

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