Making Your Home Friendly to Foreign Exchange Students and Tourists


Travel to other countries is now more accessible to students and tourists. Because of this, affordable abodes for these people are necessary as well. Even households can offer their spare rooms and gain both experience and a profit.

If you’re looking to delve in this business of hospitality, then you’ll need to make these preparations and adjustments first.

Prepare your home

What’s the use of offering your home as accommodation if it’s not ready? Aside from preparing the bed and the amenities that they can use, you also have to consider how they’re going to take in the climate.

The chances are that you’ll need your heater and AC checked by repair experts in Seminole before they arrive. If you have the funds to spare, you can even install a programmable thermostat in so they can adjust the temperature to their liking.


You might want to just prepare your spare room and simply put up an advertisement that you cater to foreigners, but you should register first. Where, you ask? It depends on what kind of people you want to provide accommodation to.

If you want to host foreign exchange students, then your best bet is with the schools that accept them. They do put the students’ safety on priority, so it’s important to let them know that you’re a trustworthy host. When it comes to tourists, you’ll be more visible if you register with a travel and accommodations website.

Help them with the transition

Foreigners, especially those who haven’t been in the country before, might experience some culture shock when they arrive. Being part of their home away from home, you can ease them into the local culture by helping them understand unfamiliar concepts and customs.

If you know where they’re going to come from, you can even try to learn a bit of their language before they ever set foot in your residence. You can also ask other family members who are around the same age as your visitor get immersed in the new environment.

Provide extra storage space

Modern house with cabinets

You’ll never know how many clothes and valuables your guests will be bringing. With that said, you’ll need to make sure that they have enough storage space to use during their stay. You can also leave some extra coat hangers and cabinets for them to use if they have a lot of clothes in particular.

If you don’t mind letting your furniture be moved around, you can also permit them to adjust the layout of their rooms as needed.

Hosting a foreign exchange student or traveler is like inviting a friend over to your abode, except that they’re from farther away. Sure, they may be total strangers at first, but once you’ve managed to break the ice, you can add another friend to your circle.

Seeing a new face around for a couple of months will surely liven up the house, and you can look forward to it as you welcome your guests into your doorstep.

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