Proper Car Protection Against The Elements

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Cars may look tough, but they are also very vulnerable to the elements. Even good summer weather can cause damage to your car’s exterior. The results can be pretty bad and your vehicle can look years older than it is without proper care.

For those who worry about their vehicle’s condition, here are some tips that should help:

Build a Garage

The best way to protect your car is by having a good garage with solid garage doors that keep the elements out. If your house does not have a garage, then you need to seriously consider having one built. Only a garage can provide adequate protection against the elements for your car when it is not on the road. Besides that, it will provide you with a secure place to keep your car from thieves.

Putting a sturdy lock on your garage doors can make it even more difficult to steal your car. Additionally, a car garage provides you with additional space that your home might need for storage and personal projects.

Park in the Shade

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your garage around with you on long trips. This will mean that when you park your car then, you will need to be even more careful. As a good rule of thumb, you shouldn’t park out in the open. When possible, you should park in the shade.

When you have a choice between an open parking lot and an indoor one, the smart decision is to always pick the indoor one. It will offer better protection from the elements in the long run. Even a few hours in the sun can cause micro damage to your car and bleach out the colors.

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Buy Some Car Covers

When you leave furniture around for a long time, you usually put a cover on it. This helps stop the dust from landing on it and the elements from touching it. This applies to your car as well. Buy high-quality car covers and use them as often as possible, especially if you are parking outside.

Don’t buy the flimsy and cheap ones either. Get the ones with multiple layers and additional coating so that your car has all the protection that it can get. Put them over your car when you plan to park it for a long time, even inside your garage.

Apply Some Wax

Washing your car is part of keeping your car looking fresh and clean. But when that is done, take the additional step and apply a layer of wax on your car. This is a simple yet effective move to add another shield of protection to your car exterior. The wax should help keep the dirt off and even prevent some micro-scratches from small particles of sand and dirt. Reapply the wax regularly to get the best results.

Though your car has to face the elements as you drive around all day, it doesn’t mean it should stay unprotected. Adding a layer of protection while it is on and off the road can be a big help. You can then ensure that your car will be able to handle the outdoors for a long time.

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