Save Money on Your Fence Installation By Answering These Questions

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When buying a house, there are many considerations. The first one is usually the location since it is the one thing you cannot change. The size of the house is secondary since there are always provisions for expansion. The same holds true for the design.

Upon moving to your new home, you get to know the neighborhood firsthand. Despite the many reviews you have read, visits and interviews you have taken to gain inside information, it is only when you spend full nights in the property that you discover hidden hazards and threats. A fence installation suddenly seems useful, whether you’re in Tampa, FL or any other city or state.

Not all of us have the budget to undertake a fence installation soon after buying a house, so it is important to examine all the available options and optimize the construction by answering some simple questions.

What is the Purpose of the Fence?

While this seems like an obvious question, a little probing can reveal the true purpose of your fence. Is it for security, privacy, or both? Do you want to keep wild animals out or just make sure the dog stays inside? The purpose of your fence will determine the design and the materials you need to use.

If you need to block out visibility but do not really have a threat, a wooden fence can suffice. On the other hand, if you want an open view while keeping possible threats at bay, a metal railing would be ideal. If you just want an ornamental fence, there is also a specific design for that. Most common would be the picket fence.

Is the Longevity of the Fence a Prime Consideration?

Installing a fence can be costly and it requires a lot of work. If the fence is absolutely necessary, like for security purposes wherein there is a high possibility of someone attempting to break in, it would be better to invest in sturdy materials built for the long haul. Closed metal fences with chicken wires can be costly, but security is one thing that cannot be compromised.

If your fence is just a temporary fix and you can make plans to renovate within the year, wooden picket fences, deer fences, or even mesh and chicken wire could be a starting point. They can keep out or keep in children and small animals without being a permanent structure. It can be easily dismantled in favor of stronger material.

Vinyl and Aluminum are Best Options

aluminum fence beside plants

For permanent fixtures, the cheapest among the durable fences are vinyl and aluminum. Beyond that, there are concrete, brick, or stone fences that can be expensive.

Vinyl is the cheaper option. Vinyl panels offer better privacy than the aluminum railings and they are sturdy enough to withstand usual contact and exposure to weather. Aluminum fences are more like railings, but you can install wooden panels for privacy. Aluminum is strong and will not easily be broken or penetrated. It is metallic, but it does not rust.

There are many ways to save money on fences and for the budget conscious builder, it is a matter of priorities. Ultimately, it is the homeowner who will determine the best fence for his property and family.

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