Signs That Your Home is Lacking Storage: Expert Tips

  • The average American home has an estimated 300,000 items, leading to increased stress, distraction, and health problems.
  • Clutter everywhere, a small home feeling, and constant misplacement of essential items indicate a lack of storage space.
  • Storage solutions like bins, organizers, and multi-purpose furniture can help save space and keep homes organized.
  • Utilize vertical spaces with tall bookcases, wall-mounted racks, and hanging shelves.
  • Consider adding outdoor sheds or buildings to store seasonal items or gardening tools.

When storing our possessions, there never seems to be enough space. Whether it’s because of the clutter that gathers over time or the countless purchases we can’t seem to say no to, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves lacking storage at home. But how can you tell if your home has this problem? Here’s a look into the growing clutter problems in American homes, signs that your home needs more storage, and additional tips on improving your home’s storage problems.

Americans and Home Clutter

It’s estimated that the average American home owns about 300,000 items. This is not only a lot of stuff but also a lot of clutter. Clutter in your home can lead to increased stress, distractions, and even health problems. For many Americans, the issue is that they don’t know how to organize their possessions or are hesitant to throw anything away due to sentimental value.

Signs Your Home Needs More Storage

When it comes to storage, the most obvious sign that you need more is when you are running out of room. Other signs include:

Clutter stored

Clutter Is Everywhere

One of the most significant signs that your home lacks storage is when you find clutter everywhere. You may find yourself constantly cleaning up because there is nowhere to put your belongings, or you may have to move things around whenever you want to get to something else. If this sounds familiar, then chances are you need to declutter and find some better storage solutions. Expert tip: Invest in storage bins, organizers, and shelving units to help save space and keep your home organized. This way, you can reduce your stress with all the clutter in your home.

Your Home Feels Smaller Than It Is

Have you ever been in a home that felt smaller than it was? This could be a result of a lack of storage options. When there isn’t enough storage space, you’re forced to keep your belongings out in the open, which can clutter up your home and make it feel smaller than it is. To combat this issue, consider investing in multi-purpose furniture, like ottomans or benches that double as storage units. Expert tip: Get creative with your storage solutions – think outside the box and develop unique ways to store your belongings.

Important Items Are Disappearing

If you’re finding that you’re constantly misplacing essential items, it could be because you don’t have designated storage areas for them. Whether it’s your keys, wallet, or even important documents, if you don’t have an assigned place for them, then it’s easy for them to go missing. To avoid this problem, create designated areas in your home where specific items live, like a bowl on a table for your keys or a file cabinet for important documents. Expert tip: Invest in a home security system to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Running Out of Closet Space

Another tell-tale sign that your home needs more storage is when you’re running out of closet space. Closets are a primary storage area in many homes but can quickly become overcrowded and disorganized. If you stuff clothes, shoes, and accessories into your closet, it might be time to reevaluate your storage options. Expert tip: Invest in closet organizers and remove clothes and shoes you don’t wear to make more space.

Your Home Feels Unorganized

If you constantly feel like your home is disorganized, it could directly result from a lack of storage solutions. A well-organized home can help reduce stress and anxiety, but when you don’t have enough storage options, it’s easy for things to feel chaotic. To combat this issue, ensure you have enough storage space for all your belongings, and declutter regularly to keep things organized. Expert tip: Create a cleaning schedule that works for you and helps you keep your home neat and tidy.

Additional Tips to Add More Storage in Your Home

If you need more tips to add storage to your home, consider adding these three tips.

Use Your Garage

The American garage is one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. It’s often used as a dumping ground for items that don’t fit elsewhere, but it can also be an excellent place to store items like holiday decorations and extensive tools. Consider investing in shelves or storage bins to help keep things organized and out of the way. However, don’t forget to secure your garage doors properly. Hire a local garage door service to help check for any problems with your garage doors. This way, your garage is appropriately safe from any burglars.

Utilize Vertical Space

If you’re running low on horizontal storage space, consider using vertical space instead. Tall bookcases, hanging shelves, and wall-mounted racks are all excellent ways to maximize the available space in your home. Plus, they look great too!

Add a Shed or Outdoor Building

If there’s still not enough room inside your home for all your belongings, adding an extra shed or outdoor building may be necessary. You can use these structures to store items like gardening tools, bikes, and other seasonal items that don’t need to be kept indoors. Plus, it’s easy to find sheds requiring minimal online assembly and installation.

When evaluating if your home needs more storage, it’s essential to consider all the signs and tips listed above. Taking action now can help reduce stress and anxiety and make your home look better. With some research and planning, you can quickly create additional storage in any size home.

Understanding the signs that your home lacks storage and taking advantage of specific tips can help create an organized space for you and your family. Add extra closets or shelves to maximize your vertical space, or install a shed outside for seasonal items; whatever works best for you! A cluttered environment increases stress and anxiety, so ensure your home has enough storage solutions to keep everything neat and tidy.

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