The Effects of DIY Mold Removal

Mold buildup in the corner of a house

There are many DIY instructional videos online nowadays. This is because there is a vast clientele looking for ways how to handle various issues without expert help and thus save a few dollars. These DIY ventures are an efficient solution to many problems that you might face as a property owner. However, they are not always efficient in mold removal. In fact, DIY mold removal has several detrimental effects on various elements:

It also necessitates extensive and generally expensive professional mold removal by a mold removal expert in British Columbia. As such, it is cost-efficient and essential to let a professional handle the mold removal in the first place. Here are the problems that an expert mold removal service can address:

Health Problems

DIY removal exposes you to mold spores through touching and inhalation. Inhaling the spores puts you at considerable risk of sneezing, chronic coughs, and respiratory infections. It also increases your chances of contracting respiratory aspergilloma. Contact with the spores puts your skin at risk of various fungal skin conditions that can break down your skin and result in systemic bacterial infections. The mold spores are also responsible for a range of flare-ups in allergic individuals, which can be life-threatening. Some health conditions related to mold exposure are not immediately evident, making them worsen over time.

Spreading Mold Spores

Mold spores are the easiest to spread since they are lightweight. Even a seemingly small disturbance of the affected area results in the spread of spores throughout your interiors. Scrubbing and using of vacuums are the two common cleaning mistakes that will extensively spread the spores. This increases the risk of mold recurrence after remediation.

Mold Infestation

Old house full of moldsDIY mold removal techniques usually only take care of the visible mold-infested spots. However, mold is a very invasive organism. As such, even a seemingly small mold spot is generally a pointer to a widespread infestation. By scrubbing the little spot, you are covering up the magnitude of your problem. Unfortunately, the spores continue to grow in other hidden corners and will be evident later when the problem is out of hand.

Mold Recurrence

Professional mold removal does not end with the eradication of your problem. The experts will also advise you on different aspects that will minimize the risk of mold recurrence. These include the repair of leaks and cracks and the installation of dehumidifiers and other drying equipment. These strategies will reduce the moisture in your building, which would otherwise form a proliferation ground for mold.

Gleaning from the information above, you now understand that DIY mold removal is not an option for you. Avoid conducting DIY projects that might make your problems worse. If you feel uncertain, you should leave it to the experts who come with the right protective equipment or tools. Doing so will completely eradicate mold from your property. The money that you spend on hiring the professionals is far less than what you might lose in costly medical bills or the demolition of your building.

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