The Many Reasons to Build Your Home From Scratch

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The best thing about buying vacant land for sale in Whittlesea, VIC, is the chance to construct your property from scratch. This holds true if you’re not in a hurry to move and planning to bring your forever home to life. It takes effort, but it’s worth the wait for as long as you take advantage of the benefits that come with this distinctive opportunity.

Complete Creative Control

A vacant piece of land gives you a blank canvas on which to paint your ideas. Your imagination is truly the only limit. With the help of a veteran architect, you can decide which goes where and what materials to use. You can tailor the design of your home to match your unique needs. If you have a growing family or hoping to raise kids in it down the road, you can personalise rooms to allow for future changes.

You can’t always do the same with established properties. Even if you find a home you and your spouse love, either of you still has to make a compromise one way or another. The most attractive house on the market would still be not as perfect as the dream home you have in mind.

The downside of building your own home is the danger of not appealing to the taste of most people. If you wish to sell your personally built house in the future, you may not receive the kind of offer you want. But then again, this hardly matters if you plan to retire in it.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

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Although most houses today comply with current building standards, many of them don’t boast the latest energy-efficient features. If you want to live in a green home, you need to incorporate certain elements into the architectural design to minimise your carbon footprint. Excellent use of daylighting, natural ventilation and sustain materials are some of the things that separate green homes from the rest.

Furthermore, building your house from scratch allows you to design it with smart technology. Home appliances are getting more intelligent every year, but it’s easier to upgrade to smarter products when the necessary infrastructure is in place.

Tremendous Savings

Buying a property on a house-less block itself can save you a lot of money because of less competition since most homeowners prefer established properties. Constructing your place of residence on a vacant parcel of real estate exempts you from paying stamp duty on the house. This privilege will keep a significant amount of money in your pocket.

Moreover, building your very first home can make you eligible for the First Home Owner Grant. If you’re constructing a property in regional Victoria, you can receive $20,000 if your new home is valued up to $750,000. But even if you’re not building on regional Victoria, you can still receive a grant worth $10,000.

Building a house from the ground up is not without challenges, but it can be an advantageous proposition. Assess your situation first to determine whether you should take this route.

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