Top Causes of Home Improvement Stress

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A “stress-free home improvement” in Utah is an oxymoron. Some projects cause more disturbance than others, but every remodel or addition hassles a homeowner one way or another. Any experienced general contractor in Park City, Ogden, Provo, Sandy, or Salt Lake City attests that below are the usual causes of home improvement stress.

Getting Lost at the Outset

Any home project has lots of moving parts, so it is overwhelming to some extent. This notion is true whether it is a straightforward roof replacement or a complicated kitchen renovation.

Much of the pressure stems from not knowing where to begin. Inexperienced homeowners tend to tackle the planning phase on all fronts, which is a mistake because one decision affects the next. So if you lack a sense of direction right from the start, creating a blueprint for managing an improvement is going to be taxing physically and psychologically.

Miscalculating the Overall Cost

Another major cause of panic is running out of funds. Many homeowners realize that they do not have enough money halfway through the project, which in turn force them to explore sources out of desperation.

To avoid this, you need to get a detailed estimate from a reliable contractor. “Detailed” is the operative word, for generic bids often come with allowances, which are placeholders for the items that yet to be determined.

Also, set aside an additional 20% of the project’s estimated cost, so you have extra cash in your back pocket to accommodate necessary change orders.

Dealing with Too Many Change Orders

Architect shaking hands with a clientSpeaking of change orders, these alterations to the original plan can inflate the overall cost of the project or extend the length of its initial schedule by days or weeks. They are essential when handling the unknown, which can be difficult to account for before the construction commences.

The only sensible reason to pull a change order is when you encounter an unexpected structural problem. There is no better way to contend with it than to address it head-on.

However, what drags out some projects is a sudden change of heart on a homeowner’s part. Avoid being fickle if you are serious about keeping your home improvement on track.

Furthermore, make sure that the contract spells out a clearly defined process when executing a change order. This way, there is no confusion between both parties, and any change order can be carried out professionally.

Underestimating Delays

A project’s start and completion dates are not always guaranteed. Sometimes, the weather gets in the way, the building permit takes a lot of time to be issued, and there is a conflict with the schedules of subcontractors.

Some of the things that go into your project are beyond your control. It is imperative to anticipate them early on, so you can prepare for them accordingly.

In home improvement, there are usually multiple sighs for every triumphant high. Hiring a contractor matters because you need a trustworthy professional to help you navigate the tricky process of renovation or addition.

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