Your Home Needs A Green Roof Right Now

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To care for our environment and strive for sustainability in everything we do is a responsibility everyone equally shares. We are all indebted to the environment that has provided us the means to achieve so much in this world, and it’s only right that we do our best to give back and ensure it remains strong for many futures to come. As a result, we’ve seen many exceptional strides in the recent decade toward achieving sustainability, such as the rise of electric cars and increased awareness among the global populous, to name a few.

So, today we’d like to introduce what we think is a crucial step forward to making residential complexes, commercial buildings, and homes across the world more green and sustainable. And that is none other than installing green roofs, an intensive layer of vegetation planted on your roofs to act as waterproofing systems and generally make the infrastructure more environmentally-friendly.

#1 You’re Getting Free Energy Savings

Number one, a green roof nets you more energy savings than you realize. It gives extra insulation, which means that you wouldn’t need as much power allocated for keeping the home cool because you have nature’s finest working for you. So, you can cut back on all the heaters and air conditioning expenses you’ve always set aside and make space for other quality of life appliances. And, with all the extra money you’re saving, you could even look into giving yourself a pat on the back with an orthopedic massage chair or give the kids 30 minutes more computer time.

#2 Heavy Rains And Thunderstorms Don’t Bother Your As Much

Number two, green roofs don’t suffer the same fate as traditional roofs when heavy rains and thunderstorms come to visit. Typically, a storm brewing would get you worried about the structural fidelity of a traditional roof, thinking if it will hold or sustain any serious damages. However, a green roof is a natural combatant of heavy rains and thunderstorms because instead of water runoff overflowing the drainage system, you have plants and vegetation to hold the runoff. As a result, stormwater isn’t much of a problem anymore because when daytime comes, these just turn into harmless water vapor and your plants just get a free drink.

#3 Increase Property Value And Environmental Appeal

Last but not least, there’s a huge return on investment margin waiting for you because installing a green roof can increase property value and the environmental appeal of your home. So, you’re not only winning on the environmental aspect but also on the economic aspect as well. Plus, taking the first step to install a green roof might even encourage everyone else in the neighborhood to consider getting one too.

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Of Course, These Roofs Aren’t Perfect By Any Means.

Likewise, this wouldn’t be a fair comparison and analysis of green roofs if we don’t take into consideration their shortcomings and drawbacks. They also have their fair share of weaknesses despite their strengths, and it’s important that we remain objective in our point of view.

  • Cost More Than Traditional Roofs: Firstly, one of the biggest barriers to installing a green roof is the upfront cost you’ll need to put down. In comparison, they tend to cost a lot more than your traditional roofs, which are among the reasons why not a lot of people don’t take that extra expense.
  • Require Strong Structural Support: Secondly, not every home is built strong enough and has structural support that can meet the requirements of a green roof installation. Especially much older homes, it would require a rather large investment into renovating the entire house before you can even think about installing a green roof.
  • Needs Extra Maintenance: Lastly, green roofs are still made out of plants and vegetation that need to be cared for, so that means extra maintenance on your part. A lot of people don’t have the extra time of day to spend tending to their rooftop gardens, so they pass on the chance to install a green roof altogether.

However, The Pros Outweigh The Cons

Nevertheless, even after considering the drawbacks of installing a green roof, the pros still outweigh the cons when you consider the long-term benefits that a green roof can provide. Sure, in the short-term, you can expect it to be more expensive, but as time passes, the money you save and the efficiency it grants are incomparable to the cheap upfront costs and inevitable repairs a traditional roof requires.

Living Green In All Aspects

Overall, we strongly believe that green roofs are a necessary step forward if we are to attain our goals of sustainability. And, coupled with other green systems like solar panels and the like, you can potentially turn your home into a 100% sustainable property. So, please give green roofs and chance, and we can guarantee you that you will not regret making the switch.

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