5 Signs of a Faulty Tankless Water Heater

The availability of warm running water is crucial for most households regardless of the season. From laundry, baths, hand-washing, to showers, most people use hot water close to 20 times a day. Therefore, the importance of hot water in most homes is evident, and the last thing you want is a failed water heater system. Sooner or later, you might notice signs that you should replace or repair your tankless water heater due to age or usage strain.

Tankless water heaters are an effective way of providing hot water to homes. They are energy-efficient as compared to the traditional storage tank systems, which explains why homeowners are shifting to tankless water heaters. With a tankless water heater, your home will never run out of hot water because the heater warms water on demand. Tankless water heaters have long lives, but they break down over time. Hence, homeowners should watch out for signs of a faulty tankless water heater.

Rusty Water

One of the signs that your tankless water heater system is faulty is rusty water. Rusty water is an indication that corrosion is taking place and that it is spreading to other spots. Even steel pipes rust; thus, you should be keen on the color of water. Rusty water also indicates oncoming leaks. You should hire a plumbing expert in Orem to inspect the system and the rusted pipes for replacement. Besides, rusty water is not ideal for use in the house.

No Hot Water

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Not having hot water in your house is an indication enough that something is wrong with your tankless water heater. The fuel source or the heating system could be faulty if you are not getting enough hot water. You should call a plumber to inspect the system and fix it.

Other Failing Appliances

Your tankless water heater sometimes affects the operations of other devices that use water, such as dishwashers and washing machines. Besides, the appliances mainly rely on the water that comes from your tankless water heater. If your devices are becoming faulty more often than before, you should consider calling an expert to inspect your tankless water heater.

Weird Noises

You might have heard clicking noises from your tankless water heater a few times. The sounds can be normal, but screeching, knocking, or humming sounds coming from your tankless water heater are an indication that it has a problem. Fortunately, you can call a professional to fix the problem.

Power Issues

The filter of your tankless water might be clogged if it shuts itself off often. The heater creates hot exhaust, which can result in a breakdown if it is not well-ventilated. Make sure that you call in an experienced plumber when you notice this sign.

Don’t ignore any of the signs of a faulty tankless water heater. You should call a plumbing expert when you notice the signs explained above. The best part is that the signs indicate the need to repair your tankless water heater, which is less expensive than replacing the system.

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