How Symmetry Boosts a Home’s Visual Appeal

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Designing a home is both science and art. You can pull off an aesthetically pleasing space when you creatively use expert-approved principles. There is probably no other principle in design that better incorporates science and art than symmetry. This refers to the sense of balance in the space achieved when each side of a central line matches each other. Here is how exactly symmetry increases the visual appeal of your home:

It creates a sense of familiarity

You may not notice it, but you are constantly exposed to elements that have symmetry. This sense of familiarity has a lot of impact on interior design. For one, the brain can process symmetrical spaces better, so you interpret a design as visually appealing. Another is that when you can easily understand something, it allows you to be more at ease, so you feel more at home.

It builds a focal point

Symmetry, as mentioned, is achieved when elements are distributed well on each side of a central axis. This characteristic allows whatever it is in the central line to be an instant focal point. Take external doors in Ipswich, for example. Interior designers explain that the architectural style of most homes, especially the traditional ones, feature windows on either side of the house, which help emphasise the front doors.

If you would indeed want to highlight these elements in your property’s exterior, consider wisely its colour, finish and material to make sure that when people’s eyes land on it, it would make the right impression.

It offers visual interest

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The mirroring of elements on each side is called symmetrical balance. When overly repeated at the space, the design could get a little monotonous and flat. What you need to use in such situation is asymmetrical design.

This is another type of balance, where you are not duplicating the exact, same elements on the sides, but rather, you are repeating elements, like colours, lines and forms, to pull the design together. This differs from the visual status quo, offering a break in the monotony, thus adding visual appeal to the space.

Symmetry is something you should not ever forget when designing your home. If your space feels a little visually cluttered, balance may be the missing ingredient in your design.

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