A Bug of a Dilemma: The Most Common Household Pests to Look Out For

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Several pests have been the bane of man since time immemorial. They don’t only cause continuous trouble and inconveniences but also sickness and death in extreme cases.

Many pests never stop in causing trouble much to the irritation of the one who is unlucky enough to have them in their place of work and most importantly in their abode, where they can cause harm to all the members of their family. As such, it is important to have adequate pest and bed bug control in Salt Lake City or any other city in Utah available for everyone’s protection.

When you see the following pests in your house, don’t hesitate to hire a pest control company right away:


Cockroaches, in particular, eat the flesh of both living and dead animals, as well as humans. Their bites can cause irritation and swelling that may last for many days. They also carry a number of pathogens that can cause serious illnesses, such as diarrhea typhoid, and trigger asthma.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are also common residents of your dwellings. These are excellent hitchhikers and can travel from almost anywhere to a food source in filthy and even clean environment.

While they may not cause severe diseases, bed bugs are extremely irritating and will cause you loss of sleep and severe itchiness. Bed bug control companies have all the tools and expertise to combat this pest, so you get rid of them fast and easy. You can get guaranteed results from exterminators who are properly trained and routinely updated with the latest innovations and the safest materials in bed bug control.

House Flies

The common house fly can ruin your day in and out of your residence. These insects feed on fecal matter, sewerages, dumps and garbages. They even feed on wound secretions that make them an even more disgusting pest.

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Also, house flies are carriers of a diverse kind of germs that can cause serious illnesses, including dysentery and cholera. They are prolific in procreation because a single female house fly can lay around one hundred fifty eggs in a batch and these hatch within a day. Therefore, it’s extremely important to control their population or else serious health concerns may put entire communities in peril.


Rats are not only destructive but also a serious threat to everyone’s well-being. Rats transmit diseases in various ways, from their droppings and urine to the fleas they carry in their hair. The infestation of this deadly vermin has to be stopped before any serious diseases afflict you or your loved ones.


No other pest besides the mosquito can claim the title of a supreme killer. The malaria episode during the construction of the Panama Canal almost kept that historic canal from being completed. Such are the dangers that these pests pose to the human population worldwide.

Identifying the risks is only half the battle. The other half is to hire competent pest control to get rid of these pests. Look for well-recommended companies, so you can be sure that you’re getting your problems dealt with effectively.

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