Home Upgrades That Are Friendly to the Environment and Your Budget

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Nowadays, it’s just not enough to have a trendy, comfortable, and beautifully-maintained house. Over the past couple of years, it has become imperative for human beings to take care of the environment — since the authorities do not seem to take enough action anyway — and this means taking the initiative to make sure that in everything people do, it must also put the safety of the environment into consideration. This includes using eco-friendly bags, reusable straws, more use of paper bags, and less use of plastic. Even with renovating or remodeling their houses, people now have the sensitivity to make any changes in the design appropriate for the environment.

If you are one of those people, it’s understood to have doubts about making eco-friendly remodeling for fear of making your wallets cry, but here are a few ideas that aren’t as expensive.

Adding Insulation in Your Attic

To truly maximize being eco-friendly, you need to maximize the efficiency of the house’s energy by proper insulation of one area — the attic. Insulating your attic might be a lot of work, but it will not only be less harmful to the environment but also helpful in trimming down your air-conditioning bills by about 10% to 50%, according to research. By simply being creative, choosing to recycle wool or jeans with soft material and then rolling the bats out is a good option for insulation.

Epoxy Floor Painting

One of the more recent, most opted choice for a low-maintenance but high-quality output is the epoxy floor coating. This would help protect your floors from future cracks and holes for many years, making it more durable and resilient with very little maintenance. Waterproofing epoxy painting is also one of the highly recommended choices to strengthen and put the coating together — and of course, the added benefit of the floors is much easier to clean apart from its durability. This is often recommended for swimming pools.

Save Water with Shower Heads that are Low-Flow

shower headYou might want to not only replace your old, broken shower head with a newer, better-functioning one but also choose to replace them with low-flow showerheads. Older showerheads from 1992 or further tend to spend at least 5.5 gallons of water per minute, and choosing newer ones that are eco-friendly would reduce the flow rate by nearly half with 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You also have the power to even put that number at a lower rate by switching the shower off when not used and avoid excessive and longer showers.

Seal Interior Windows and Corners of Doors

Over time, your window panes and doors would grow moldy and would be frayed over the edges with noticeable cracks and gaps here and there. You may paint the edges and corners between your walls instead of choosing to seal them with silicone so that you also have the option to repaint them in the future while saving money and time.

It’s only normal for the facilities in houses to degrade throughout the years, and maintaining them is a must every once in a while. But it’s also important to not only upgrade just for the sake of it but truly upgrade in terms of purpose and long-term care for your surroundings as well.

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