Backyard Designs To Keep Your Neighbor From Looking In


With recent trends in lifestyle, people are reevaluating their actions. There’s a shift towards sustainability and a newfound appreciation for nature. One study indicates homesickness felt towards nature because of the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life. Everybody wants to be surrounded by nature. Something about it gets you to meditate and recuperate from your 40+ hours of facing the computer screen.

People are heading to the outdoor spaces of their homes to get their dose of nature and a break from the humdrum of staying inside. Making room for a spacious and private backyard was found to be a priority in space planning.

Especially during the pandemic, everybody’s occupied every square inch of their homes for online classes and work. As a result, moving indoor living spaces to the home’s exterior is found to be a trend this year. You’re probably thinking of getting in on that too.

Maybe your backyard’s looking a little bare, but that’s nothing a little redecorating and landscaping can’t fix. One tricky thing to remedy is your backyard’s privacy. You want a relaxing and soothing time outside but without having to worry about your privacy. Nobody wants to tiptoe in their own space. It’s your home. Of course, you’d want to feel at home too.

Transform your backyard to its fullest potential. Curate the space you’ve always wanted while achieving privacy.

What’s a Better Way To Add to the Greenery Than With More Plants?

Plants always bring charm to a space. In this case, it’ll add to the landscaping of your backyard. To block this area from your neighbor’s peripheral vision, consider planting or installing tall trees and the like. A couple of which are also known to be landscaping staples are bamboo and Arborvitae Thuja (AKA Green Giant). If you mind waiting and are willing to pay a little extra, you can have either or any plant of your choice, for that matter, transplanted.

If you have a hard time tracking some Green Giants or don’t want to deal with bamboos’ vigorous growth, you can always opt for the signature lush hedges. They should grow tall enough that they cover your yard from your neighbor’s point of view.


Install Fences

Fencing is an effective way to frame your space and keep unwanted eyes from darting your way.

If you’ve chosen to grow tall plants, having temporary fencing is your next best option while you wait for them to grow tall enough. They may be a temporary fix, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetic you want to go for. A couple of options would be installing a reed fencing or adding trellis on top of your existing fences.

You can also get playful with the concept of walls. You could go for a three-walled wooden enclosure that isn’t walls but also isn’t enclosed. These aren’t temporary, but they add a unique taste to the landscape. Take insight from the backyard of Kardashian-Jenners’ interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard or the indoor-outdoor room of Entertainment Tonight co-host, Nancy O’Dell. Now that’s one way to go about thinking outside the box.

If you’re thinking about sticking to the trusted wooden boards for your yard, why not get creative with them too? From the type of wood to the colors, wooden boards can fit any aesthetic. For extra protection, you can add a layer of greenery in front of the fences.

In any case, be sure to check with your local laws on fence measurements and layouts.

Add Decorative Yet Functional Pieces

They don’t necessarily block your neighbor’s view of your whole backyard, but they can offer coverage for you. Some pieces that could spruce up the space and save you from the gaze are a gazebo, a pergola, or a waterproof awning. These enclosed yet intentional spaces are great for having friends over for a barbecue or a romantic dinner with your partner.

Aside from this function, they add up to the design of your backyard. To get more visual inspiration, refer to painter Olivier Mourao’s seating area in his Ibiza home or Ralph Lauren’s rear terrace featuring the large white umbrellas.

The Bottom Line

People are moving their living spaces outdoors to break the monotony of being inside. Aside from combating the boredom caused by the pandemic, this has been a great project for everybody. Who would’ve thought that we’d get a year’s worth of downtime? Whenever you decide to start on yours, at least you got some tricks up your sleeve other than your vision board.

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