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When redecorating our homes, we often concern ourselves with what’s up there—the paint color on our walls, the lights on your ceilings, the wall paneling, and, of course, our furniture. We hardly ever think about our floors. At most, we choose floor rugs that complement our vision for our rooms, but for the most part, we accept our floors as a given feature that we don’t really have much more say in.

The truth is, floors create such an impact on the overall look and feel of a room. It’s the literal foundation of a space. For your next home renovation project, maybe look down and think about your floors first?

Before you complain about the cost and difficulty, flooring installation is something that’s actually quite feasible with the right tools and suppliers.

Kitchen floors

Your kitchen floors are probably the most used and abused in your home. They need to be tough because almost everyone walks on them every day, and you’re constantly on your feet in the kitchen, cooking or washing dishes. Speaking of dishes, your kitchen floor also needs to be water-resistant to a certain extent and textured to avoid slipping because of all the liquid that can spill on it throughout the day.

For this reason, good kitchen tiles are a must. You don’t need to sacrifice style, however, because there are different kitchen tile designs and materials available. With vinyl flooring, for example, you have a range of textures to choose from, like farmhouse-style wood or more exotic geometric patterns, and you can rely on its long-lasting durability.

Floors are like plating. They may not be the main dish, but they tie everything together and make everything more appetizing.

Living room floors

Indoor lounge areas are spaces where your family spends quality time together and probably also where you’re most likely to entertain guests. For this reason, aesthetics are so important in your living room.

Your choice for living room flooring depends largely on the overall vibe you’re going for. For a more countryside feel, highly textured flooring can add warmth and coziness to your space. Rough stone is even more rustic, though you should probably cover spaces with carpet to make them homier.

If you’re going for a modern and urban mood, however, you’ll want to choose flooring that’s sleeker. Ceramic or marble tiles are an option, but you can go with smooth, finely finished wood as well. For a more industrial look, you can actually go for plain concrete floors.

Whichever look you go for, make sure your living room floors are in tip-top shape as it is probably the most “public” or visible space in your home.

Bathroom floors

bathroom tiles

In contrast to your living, your bathroom is a very private space. This does not mean, however, that bathroom tiles are an afterthought.

Like your kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles are highly functional and used daily. You’ll find when purchasing tiles that not all tiles are meant to be used in bathrooms, even if they are waterproof. This is because bathroom tiles are also designed to minimize accidental slips when they’re wet—a major safety hazard in bathrooms.

Yes, the design of your bathroom tiles is important, especially since your bathroom should be a clean, relaxing, and airy space. More important, however, is your safety, so before you even think about designs, ensure first that you’re choosing from a set of tiles that are meant for bathroom use.

Bedroom floors

When it comes to bedroom floors, cleanliness and coziness are important. If you’ve ever woken up from a warm, cozy bed, only to plant your bare feet on a cold floor, then you know why good bedroom flooring matters.

Whether you go for natural wood or a clean stone floor, it’s important that your bedroom flooring facilitates sleep and relaxation. You should probably go for warm, muted tones, but if red clay tiles are what’s going to get you those zzz’s, then you do you.

Floors for every purpose

Certain rooms in our homes can serve many purposes. Our bedrooms, for example, can be playrooms for our kids and pets during the day. When we’re not entertaining guests, our living rooms are witnesses to our workout sessions. You should consider this multipurpose aspect when choosing flooring for your home.

Ultimately, the flooring you choose should serve you and your family. Your home is where you should live your best life, so the floor you walk on every day should support this.

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