Benefits and Features of Building Automation

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The advent of smart technology paved the way for more progressive automation than before. Building Automation Systems (BAS) provided commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings the efficiency and convenience that they need. That said, even well-known conservatory companies have adopted automation for their shades and blinds, window ventilation and cooling, heat exchange, lighting, in-floor heating, and measured water.   The enhanced control of electricity, heating and cooling, security, and other systems in a building benefitted the industry in so many ways. Here are some of them:

Energy Savings

Cutting down costs is the most compelling benefit of automation. Even if you are going to spend an ample amount for the system, it will surely cut costs on your usual spending on energy, maintenance, and operations. Around 30% of costs can be saved with an automated lighting system. That is how much savings you can get after investing in BAS.

With an automation system, heating, cooling, and electrical systems run more efficiently, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. You will only pay for the energy that you really needed and maximized. This leads to the sustainable management of energy and conservation. With automation systems, the energy demand of the building is identified and responded to by the system which helps you turn off what is not necessary, and adjust too much energy consumption based on the building needs.

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With total control of the building temperature and lighting, automated systems ensure the comfort within the building. This can help build a conducive and relaxing environment for businesses and the occupants of the building. An increased level of comfort among employees and students can help with their productivity and performance. No one needs to suffer from waiting for the heater to warm the building.

Automated systems can set controls to prepare the building even before people arrive in the area. Let your building be a place of comfort that people look forward to visiting.


Automated systems provide for alarms that can remotely notify you. You can set the people who need to receive the notification, and choose those who need to respond when the initial alarm didn’t receive the necessary action. There is no need for a lot of people to guard the building. You just need enough security features to cover the monitoring of all areas and entry points. Access to CCTV makes monitoring and documentation of happenings easier. Alerts for suspicious activities can also be covered by automation systems.

Increased value

With all the benefits that building automation systems provide, it is natural that the value of a property increases. This is a good investment especially if you intend to sell the property after a span of time. The system can benefit your current operations while keeping competitive pricing in the market.

There are more benefits to advanced controls for building automation. You should see it as an investment than an additional expense. With the efficiency and convenience automation offers, it will surely become part of the industry requirements in the future. Getting technological advancement ahead of everyone will surely give you an edge.

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