Buying a New Home? Don’t Forget Sewer Line Inspection

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Some homeowners assume that sewer lines are the responsibility of the city or town. Little do they know that the city or town’s responsibility ends where the city line connects with the home line. This means that everything beyond the city line is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Making sure that the integrity of your home line is intact can lead to savings in terms of money, time and potential problems in the future. Like with any part of your home, you need to conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure that there are no blockages, leaks or cracks in the line system. This is a must for all homes, especially for older properties with extensive sewer line systems.

Sewer Line Inspection Before Buying a Home

When interested in a house that is up for sale, many people rush to close the deal and move in as soon as possible. Just to make sure that the house will not cause any nightmares in the future, it is wise to insist on a sewer line inspection by plumbing professionals in Woodbridge. This should be part of the home inspection that buyers should conduct to ensure that the property is indeed a good buy.

The current homeowner should cover any issues, damages and repairs with the sewer line and roofing before closing the deal with the interested buyer. The last thing that new homeowners want is to discover a sewer line crack that poses a potential danger to the home just a few months after moving in.

In case the seller is in a hurry to dispose of the property, the needed repairs and adjustments should be deducted from the total price of the property being sold.

Due Diligence From Real Estate Agents

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For people who are involved in building and selling properties, it is also advantageous to conduct a thorough inspection of the sewer lines before having buyers look at the property. While there is no legal obligation for agents and companies to pay for the inspection, a lot of things can happen before a deal is closed.

However, if the new homeowners experience problems just after moving in, then it will cost them money, and this will reflect poorly on the agent or company’s services.

Real estate agents who know how to look after their clients have a reputation to uphold and this is reflected in the number of referrals they get from satisfied clients. A bad experience from a client can have a ripple effect on a real estate company’s future customers. In this case, it pays to be thorough and conscientious.

Interestingly, new technologies are being employed to complete sewer line inspections. Companies are utilizing small cameras to have a video record of the sewer system to spot any potential issue. The exact location, and the severity and the type of problem can be easily determined, so the repair crew can easily and quickly determine the right course of action to take. This way, they can start the repair work as soon as possible.

Not many homeowners consider having regular checks for their sewer line systems until they experience problems with it. Older homes have complicated sewer systems, and it is important to have it checked for any issues if it is out for sale. A problematic sewer system will involve days up to weeks of sacrifice, headache and a lot of money for repairs.

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