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Close up of a bed bug

Bed Bug Infestation and Its Long-term Effects

Bed bugs remain among the hardest household pests to fully eradicate. This is because they largely remain out of view, breed fast, and are now immune to a range of chemical treatments. Research has even linked a certain class of insecticides that don’t work on these enduring, resilient pests. A study published in the Scientific

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living room

How to Protect Your Home’s Walls From Scratches

Chips and dings on walls may be small, but they can be such an eyesore. And the bad thing about this is that it will take to repaint and a dent on your budget to remedy these scratches. So the best thing to do is take the preventive approach to make sure you won’t ever

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Person adjusting the AC temperature

5 Signs of a Refrigerant Leak in an AC Unit

It is a beautiful summer, but your air conditioning is blowing warm air. One of the most common causes of warm air from air-conditioning systems is a Freon leak. It is known as the refrigerant, and its primary role is to cool your space by getting rid of warm air from the air-conditioning system to

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How to Fix your Door that Won’t Close

There are a lot of types of doors. Doors of opportunity and whatnot. But here, let’s be literal. Let’s talk about doors as entry points. Doors are there to let people in and out, which can put a strain on them since they are opened and closed all the time. These things can easily get

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Slightly opened sewer

How to Know if You Are Having Septic Tank Problems

Before it gets to be a real emergency, you need to know if you are having a septic tank problem at its onset. Most septic tank issues, unfortunately, are expensive to repair, so it is best to prevent them from worsening early on. Here are some definitive warning signs. Table of Contents Foul OdorSlow DrainingPlumbing

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a parking space

3 Reasons Why Maintaining a Parking Lot is Important

The term “curb appeal” describes how attractive a property — in this case, your shop or commercial building — is from the outside. This attractiveness could make or break your business, as it can be a deciding factor for people to take a chance on what is in your property. After all, how would you

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A Quick Guide to Tile Flooring and Its Maintenance

Tile floors are easily some of the most durable materials ever made. They retain their slick finish no matter the stain: perfect for messy areas like the kitchen and bathroom. But as durable as they are, tiles also need a lot of TLC. Tile flooring experts from companies like Main Street Kitchen & Flooring in

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Man cleaning rain gutter

3 Common Gutter Problems in Homes

Rain gutters in your home do more than collecting rainwater. They aid in preventing water damage, protecting foundations, and preventing basement flooding. Thus, you have to make sure that your rain gutters are functional and in good condition. Unfortunately, if you are like most people in Utah, you rarely think about the condition of your rain

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Plumber tools and equipments in a bathroom

The Early Signs of Drain Problems in a House

Many homeowners do not realise they have problems with their drains until it becomes severe. But sometimes maintaining the state of your plumbing can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. Tracking the problem of your home’s drains can be hard and cause serious environmental and health issues for you and other residents.

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