How to Fix your Door that Won’t Close

wooden doorThere are a lot of types of doors. Doors of opportunity and whatnot. But here, let’s be literal. Let’s talk about doors as entry points. Doors are there to let people in and out, which can put a strain on them since they are opened and closed all the time. These things can easily get jammed if not taken care of properly, which can be costly for you, as you would need to have it repaired every single time.

Today, Peach Building Products will discuss some of the things that you should always check on to make sure that your French doors in Salt Lake City are always working well.

Take a Look at your Door Hinge

The number one culprit when it comes to door issues and jams is the hinge. Always check on the screws and see if they are properly held down. This is to make sure that the door would not scrape the door frame whenever it is closed and that there would be no loud noises or creaks whenever you open and close the door.

You should also take a look at the hinge leaves to see if they are properly installed. If not, you may have to unhinge them and rehinge them, this time making sure that everything is properly aligned. It’s a two0man job at least, so ask someone to help you.

Check your Door Latch

a well-fiited door

The door latch can also become the source of the problem when it comes to your door. If your door keeps on opening even after you have closed it, then it might mean that you have a faulty door latch.

Make sure to check on the screws and tighten them if you find that some or all of the screws are quite loose. If you are not sure how to do it, then go ahead and call a professional to repair it for you. For an affordable fee, they can help you out by fixing whatever it is that’s wrong with your door.

The Door Should Fit

Your door should perfectly fit the space for it to close and open properly. Take a look at both the top and the bottom to see if everything is good and even. If you find that the door is bigger on one corner and it is not entirely leveled, then grab a sandpaper or handheld planing tool and pare down the unleveled edge to make it even. If you’re shopping for doors, it’s always good to keep the exact size of the door frame in mind, and giving it a bit of allowance.

Always do your research first before doing anything to your door to avoid additional problems in the future. Call a professional if you think the job would be too hard for you. Doing it yourself is great if you have the right tools and skills, as well as someone to assist you. For example, the can hold the door in place while you make adjustments. Otherwise, just call the pros.

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