Design and Furniture Choices for Your Living Room

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A home renovation usually costs Americans around $25,000 on the low end of the scale to northwards of $76,000. A total kitchen upgrade can be around 26% of the high end of the budget. If it isn’t a complete renovation, then you can allocate around $10,000.

If you truly are on a budget, it’s vital that you properly screen home-remodeling contractors such as Maximize their input by getting honest answers about the best materials or fixtures. Those that want to work with you will be keen to provide you with options and explain what they all mean to you in terms of cost, durability, and functionality. You can make an informed decision regarding the design and the furniture requirements of your living room.

Here are a few ideas that they might share with you:

Living Room Cost

Living room remodeling is probably the place where you would have greater flexibility in terms of cutting on cost without sacrificing aesthetics and design. Typically, the budget would range from $4,500 to more than $11,500. For example, why get a brand-new table for $65 when you can upcycle an old item for just $15?

Furniture Choices and Living Room Design

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The design and the furniture need to go together. As mentioned, work with your designer or contractor well before executing anything. Speak your mind, but understand the impact of your choices based on their recommendations.

  1. Consider size. You can’t put a big sofa or lounge if you have a small apartment. This is an opportunity for you to find a quaint two-seater that would make a statement. A thrift store or an antique shop can be an excellent destination. If the living room is narrow, you can center the love chair against a wall, with a side table on each side.
  2. Visual size. It’s not just the actual size of the furniture. You need to choose furniture that is “visually lightweight.” Legs of chairs and tables, for example, shouldn’t obstruct the visual flow of the floor, which creates a feeling of openness.
  3. Storage. Another creative way to declutter your living room from remote controls, magazines, or toys is creating storage space in your furniture. A stool or ottoman, for example, can double as a storage space. You can also create drawers on your center table.
  4. Colors. Make sure that the colors that you choose for your furniture go well with the flow of colors of all the items in the living room, from the walls to the pillowcase covers.
  5. Go bold and rustic. Using a sliding barn door in your living room would be a bold move, but the rustic feel can turn the initial shock into an inspired conversation.

In the end, you can have a mix-and-match approach. For example, go bold with your colors or be subtle with pastels. Ultimately, it will be about your personality and the aura you want your living room space to project. Start with these ideas and create a living room that’s truly lively and beautiful.

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