Do Business Signage and Displays Still Work to Advertise a Brand?

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It’s true what they say that because we are so enveloped by the Internet and social media, we think too highly of them. Business owners and advertisers focus their strategies and budgets on social media. They forget the fact that traditional advertising such as business signage is still some of the most effective marketing methods. As much as the new generation tries to deny the power of print and broadcast media, they still have a direct impact on consumers.

If you have a business, call in a commercial lighting company in Florida or other states. They can guide you in creating business signage that calls the attention of your target market. Your business signage must be attention-grabbing. You have to make sure that it’s not made out of boring tarpaulins. Light it up. Fill it with colors. Make sure that your target market can still see it at night.


A brick-and-mortar store must have business signage that represents the brand. The signage should be a guidepost that will guide customers to your business. They should see it from a mile away, if possible. Remember that not all people in the neighborhood will know where your business is. New residents, in particular, will start looking for local businesses to support.

Interior and exterior signs should be well-lighted so that they can take every opportunity to be seen. If you have noticed recently, neon signs are becoming popular once more. Customers might want to take photos in front of your business signage, so make sure that your signage and displays are Instagram-worthy. Many people will visit your businesses and buy a product or two because they want a photo in your store or in front of your display window.


Your business signage shows your brand’s identity. If you have the money for a truly awesome sign, you can use billboards, blimps, searchlights, and skywriting. These are exotic and expensive, but they are well worth the investment because people will be awed by them. These are best used when you attend community events and industry gatherings.

But for an average-sized business, your money will be better invested in simpler business signage such as the ones you find on merchandise. Printing your business name on shirts, jackets, pens, key chains, pencils, calendars, and planners is still an effective way to advertise your business. Another form of advertisement is through the uniforms of your employees. Anything that will move around and can carry your business signage is a good form of advertisement.


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Business signs are a great way to attract customers to use your business impulsively. For example, they are stuck in traffic. Seeing your business sign in a gas station will attract customers to try out what you have to offer. That’s why billboards have been so successful in the past and even today. To pass the time while stuck in traffic (and not being allowed to use your phones), you’ll read signage and billboards along the highway. Hopefully, one of those signs will persuade your target market to check your products out.

Traditional advertising isn’t dead. Billboards, streamers, flyers, brochures, and product merchandise will continue to dominate the industry simply because they work. Part of your advertising and marketing budget should still be dedicated to traditional methods.

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