Greening Up Your Garage Remodeling Project

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Homeowners these days would go on maintaining and improving their houses in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They often start with the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. But then, one area we often take for granted is the garage. We only remember to remodel this place when there is now an immediate need for repairs. If you are willing to go out of your way just to make green and sustainable decisions for your home, this is one relatable place to remodel.

There is no need to limit your garage use for cars and storage. This area has so much potential to offer when remodeled the right way. If you need extra living space but can’t afford a room addition, a garage makeover can be your next target project.

Here are five eco-friendly ways you can give your garage a makeover:

Start With a Garage Cleanup

Before you do anything to your garage, make sure you get rid of all the necessary clutter. For items you still have use for, keep them in labeled recyclable containers. For the items you no longer use, separate which ones go to the trash and which are still reusable.

Say goodbye to the items you no longer need and have no future use. Donate your stuff or sell them to thrift stores or online. For the items you can still use or recycle, think of how you can turn them into something useful for the family.

The less physical clutter there is in the garage, the more space you can use. You will have fewer items to clean and worry about. Don’t forget to deep clean this area with eco-friendly cleaners and a deep pressure washer.

Go for an Eco-friendly Paint Job

When was the last time you painted your garage? Most homeowners often skip garage painting. Chances are, your garage is still sporting the same paint since you moved into your home.

When choosing a paint color, make sure you also consider the type of paint. Choose non-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint. These are durable enough to last long, cost-effective enough to match your budget, and are less harmful to your health compared to other paint options.

Non-VOC paint also has a less chemical smell which makes it easier to get rid of the odor while waiting for the project to dry. These toxic fumes can do more than just cause headaches, nausea, and irritation to your airway. Constant exposure to VOCs can result in liver, central nervous system, or kidney damage.

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Rethink Before Replacing Your Garage Door

Some homeowners would simply opt for a garage door replacement even if the only problem is a small dent or chipping paint. Just imagine where your old door would end up of you get rid of it now. If the door still works, then call the pros instead for a garage door repair service.

But if you have mismatched doors, then opt for eco-friendly door solutions. There are suppliers that offer door solutions that properly contrast your home’s exterior. This way, you can boost your home’s aesthetics while remodeling the space.

Insulate Your Garage

Some people think there is no point insulating the garage. This is since they don’t spend much time in this part of the house. But if you want to protect your belongings inside this area, then prepare for proper insulation.

There are lots of eco-friendly insulation materials to choose from for your garage. Before you choose one, make sure to consult the pros. Some garages are built differently and your garage insulation needs may be different from the rest of your home.

Know that insulating this part of the house can also help decrease your energy consumption. You can lessen your utility bills when you all insulate this area. With an insulated garage, you can finally use this extra living space as a spare room for recreational activities.

Don’t Forget About Energy-Efficient Lighting

Bid farewell to your fluorescent lights and replace them with LEDs. Know that fluorescent lights contain mercury gas. If this breaks and you get in contact with the toxic substance, your lungs, kidneys, and nervous system can suffer.

Change garage lighting to more eco-friendly lighting solutions. LEDs produce less heat, are energy-efficient, and last longer. This means you get more energy savings and reduce your waste when you make the switch.

In a nutshell, it is not that hard to green your garage remodeling project. You just need to rethink ways to give this part of your home a makeover while thinking about the impact of your decision on the environment. The less waste and resources used for the project, the more eco-friendly your garage will be.

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