For that Golden Glow: Making Gold Accents Work on Your Overall Interior Design

modern living room with wooden floor

Gold has always been associated with glamour and luxury. For many homeowners who want that touch of glam in their homes, adding gold accents is a must. Whether it’s with their embellishments or even the smallest details that symbolize class, sophistication, and affluence, a little bit of gold changes everything.

However, in their quest to achieve that elegant style, some tend to go overboard with their golden trappings that they end up with a space that gaudy and simply far from sophisticated. If you truly want that stylish and stunning vibe, here are some ways you can effectively use gold as an interior design element without looking like you tried too hard:

Take your chance on a chandelier

This one is a no brainer. If you want to take it to the next level, incorporate this shiny yellow metal in your chosen chandelier. A chandelier alone is already an elegant piece, but if it comes in gold, it adds that extra touch of glitz and glam to your space. But, it doesn’t have to be entirely in gold. The ideal choice is one that focuses more on the glass instead of the metal, and the gold accents should be present on the arms instead. A chandelier isn’t limited to your living room. It can be in your bedroom or even your dining room for that unexpected twist. Paired with the right carpet and flooring material, you can truly achieve that glammed up look in your space.

Gold accessories are all the sparkle you need

golden vase on top of a white desk

No need to put a bunch of golden furniture pieces in your room for that glamorous vibe. When it comes to gold, sometimes it’s the details that matter more. Start with your chosen candles. Yes, golden candles are great decorative pieces that are affordable and very useful. Not only do they give that added interest in your room, but they can keep you feeling warm during the colder months. Grab some gold candles and place them on a coffee table in your living room or on top of your night stand next to your bed for that subtle touch of elegance. If candles aren’t your thing, gold sparkles on your carpets, fabrics, and blankets are excellent additions, too. If you have a center table, you can get a jar or a glass vase and fill them with gold decorative balls that you can use as a centerpiece.

If an entire golden wall is too much, an accent wall will work just fine

Most homeowners can’t commit to painting their walls in gold. After all, it can get a little tacky, especially if you accidentally chose the wrong shade of paint. So, here’s what you can do: create an accent wall instead. Pick an area in your room that you think would work well as your accent wall. Then, paint it in glimmering gold and leave everything else in a neutral color. This will make that gold portion truly stand out. If this is in your bedroom, simple specks of golden glitters on your throw pillows will complete the look.

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