Good Practices to Start at Home This New Year

Everyone has something that they regret. Some people make an effort to list down their new year’s resolutions, only to abandon them in a few months. Rather than making this a yearly tradition of trying and failing, use the start of the year to develop good practices around the house. They’re something that will make your life better for years to come. Here are some examples:

Securing the House

Have you had a break-in or an attempted break-in before? It’s time to tighten security around the house to keep burglars from coming back. Even if you don’t have a history of burglary, you’re still not safe from a future attack. There’s a lot to change about your habits to improve household security; double-checking that your doors and windows are locked before you go to bed is just a start. This is also an excellent time to install a security system around the house. Even the mere act of maintaining your garage doors can already keep Salt Lake City’s seasoned burglars at bay. The best part is that you can do a combination of these strategies to keep the house as secure as possible.


There’s a lot of waste associated with year-end celebrations. As you herald in the new year, you throw away cartons, paper bags, and bottles, some of which fill up landfills and do not decompose. You don’t want your first act of the year to be contributing to the destruction of nature, do you? Clean those wine bottles and transform them into decorative pieces. Use paper bags and cartons in artsy projects that turn them into something fun and creative. There’s nothing that a little spray painting can improve. Even old clothes can be recycled or transformed into something useful such as a quilt so that they’re not only taking up space.

recycling bottles and plastics

Do you have an old car? If you’re not planning to recycle its parts, donate it, restore it, or turn it into a fun and quirky furniture piece in the house. It can also be a great space for plants in the backyard. If you think of smart ways to reuse items that you thought were already useless, the actual garbage that you throw away will be significantly less.


Home is where the heart is, but why is it that your family barely stays in the same room together? Even if you do, everyone is on their phone and barely talking. This 2019, highlight the importance of connecting and communicating with the family to strengthen your bonds. You can be each other’s friends on your social media accounts already, but you can form an even better bond by doing things together as a family. Put down your phone and start a conversation. Ask a simple question about how everyone’s day is going. Share what you’re busy with. It’s a two-way street, and if they see you trying, they will try, too.

No one wants to start the new year with bad deeds. It pays to be aware of things that you can change for the better and commit to doing them for a long time.

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