How Much Should You Spend on Water Heater Repairs in Salt Lake City?

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The cost of water heater repair in Salt Lake City may fall within the national average in the United States, which amounts to $551 although most households usually pay between $216 and $901 for this service.

The actual price will depend on certain factors, such as the type of heating system unit whether it is an electric or gas unit. It only costs at least $100 to repair a broken unit if it requires a thermostat replacement. Those who use a gas unit at home should expect to pay more for repairs, although the higher upfront cost is negated by cheaper expenses over the long-term compared to an electric heater.

Repairs for Gas Units

The three most common problems with gas units involve the pilot light, the thermocouple, and the gas control valve. These issues often cost between $150 and $500 to repair, on top of an hourly rate ranging from $45 to $150 for the cost of labor. You could do the repairs by yourself, but take note that it can be risky.

DIY repairs require a careful understanding of the instructions and making sure that your gas line is secure. Professional repairs are still the better option, especially if there is a strong gas odor coming from the unit.

Repairs For Electric Units

Plumber fixing the water heaterWhen it comes to broken electric units, the usual issues include tripped breakers and bad heating elements. It is advisable to hire an electrician to fix these problems since this equipment takes on a high voltage of electricity.

Hence, planning to repair it by yourself would be hazardous not only to your own safety, but also to your home’s condition. Your insurance may not cover damages arising from poorly repaired electric heaters. It costs between $200 and $300 in professional service fees for repairing broken heating elements of an electric unit.

Other Common Problems

Some water heaters are beyond repair either because it has been used for too long, or the cost of fixing it is already equivalent to the price of a new unit. If the reason is the former, it may be better to install a new unit in case the heater has been used for more than 15 years. Most conventional heaters only last that long. The average cost of a new unit may range from $750 up to $1,300 depending on the model.

When replacing an old unit, the new one should prevent the occurrence of smelly or discolored water. A common reason involves rust from pipes within your home, which cause water to appear brownish or reddish. Installing a new unit could also reduce your utility bills, which could be lowered by up to 20% with the use of more efficient systems. Ask your local plumber for advice on the best replacement option.

If you are still uncertain on the exact amount to be spent on water heater repair, consulting with a professional will give you a better idea. Ask for at least three quotes from different service providers to come up with an informed decision.

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