How Much Should You Pay For An Above Ground Hot Tub Installation?

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Homeowners who would want to install an above ground hot tub should expect to pay $317, which is the average price in the U.S. The actual cost may be different with most people spending between $157 and $491.

If you live in Utah, the cost of installing an above ground hot tub in Salt Lake City may fall within this price range. Take note that more expensive models may fetch for a higher installation price.

Portable Tubs

Some types of above ground tubs are portable, which could be used as a spa on a deck in your backyard. Those who live in places with seasonal weather commonly have it set up for most of the year, except for the winter season when it’s stored away in their basement.

While you could install one yourself, some models require a professional especially for heavier units. The average portable tub weighs around 225 pounds. If it is a wooden or acrylic model, a professional would be more necessary to install it.

Inflatable, Wood And Acrylic

The soft-side inflatable one is the cheapest among portable types, which may only cost up to $500. Despite the affordability and ease of storing it away, you would have to replace one often since it’s prone to be punctured.  Most households choose wooden types for their home because of its durability without costing a fortune.

inflatable tub at the backyardYou should expect to buy one for at least $4,000 up to $10,000. Another reason for its popularity involves its flexibility for complementing different home structures. In case you plan to move, you could dismantle and have it transported in pieces. This isn’t possible with the acrylic type, which is the heaviest among the three and the most expensive with a minimum price of $11,000. Still, it’s much cheaper than a built-in tub that costs at least $15,000.

Other Cost Factors For Installation

The place where you plan to install an above ground hot tub will be the main factor for the overall price. For instance, those who want to build a new deck or porch as the new space for a tub will have to spend an additional $4,000 at the least. A concrete pad will also incur an additional expense of around $2,500.

Even if you only plan to spend modestly on miscellaneous expenses, you should still consider building a fence and cover for the tub to protect you against the elements. At the same time, it provides you with privacy. It’s also a good idea to keep the tub at the shortest possible distance away from your home. You wouldn’t want to take long before getting inside especially if it’s cold at night.


Choose a builder that offers custom solutions for your above ground tubs that fit the space in your home. This allows you to save money by no longer needing to build new fixtures. Those who want extra value for their money should consider looking for companies that offer environment-friendly materials, automatic chemical distribution and light systems.

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