What to Do with Things You No Longer Want to Keep When Moving Out

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A huge conundrum when moving is deciding which things to keep and which to throw away. Once you’ve sorted which things you’re comfortable not bringing to your new home, there’s the issue on how to get rid of them before the big move.

So, if you’ve already hired a removalist to transport the things you need for your big move, but haven’t figured out what to do with the things you no longer wish to bring to your new home in Sydney, fret not. Here are some ways to get rid of the things you no longer need:

Garage Sale

Whether you’re moving out or simply just de-cluttering, garage sales are the go-to options for getting rid of things you no longer need in your home. Garage sales can be quite lucrative and you would even end up being able to cover the cost of moving and buying new items for your new home. But it requires some time, effort, business acumen, and social skills.

Sell Online

Some people prefer selling their things online since they won’t have to make a display for a garage sale, and they can simply do it with a desktop or phone. There are many ways and platforms to sell your things online. You can even try your luck by posting on social media; there are hundreds of “online garage sale” groups you can join, or you can make your own social media page dedicated for selling your stuff. You just have to watch out for scammers.

Consignment Stores and Flea Markets

If you don’t have space, the time, or temperament to hold a garage sale or deal with customers online, you can try your luck with consignment stores or flea market vendors so that they’ll sell your items for you and split the profit.

But if you opt not to sell your things, there are other ways to get rid of your stuff without monetary gain but would definitely benefit you emotionally and socially.

Give to Friends and Family

Remember that cousin who always admired your wooden dining table? Well, maybe it’s time to call him or her. There are things that people find difficult to get rid of because of their sentimental value or because the person wants it to go to someone who would properly use and care for it. Giving things with sentimental value such as clothing, instruments, artwork, or even furniture to family or friends—knowing that “it stays with the family” or that your friend would take good care of it—makes it easier to part ways with them.

Donate to those in Need

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There are numerous charities, religious institutions, and social organizations where you can donate your unused or old clothes, furniture, appliance, and other things. Not only would you be getting rid of clutter and things you no longer need; you would also be helping those in need.

Things You Can’t Sell or Donate

Do you have things that apparently no one wants to buy or something you can’t donate? You can throw them away at the dumpster (or rent a skip/dumpster if there’s none near your current house). And for the things you’re not yet sure if you’d want to throw away or wish to keep but can’t bring with you to your new place (like a large piece of furniture, a drum set, or a large painting), you can opt to rent a storage unit and keep those items there temporarily until you decide what to do with them.

There really is no shortage of ways to part with the stuff you no longer need before the big move. From selling to donating and simply storing them for later, there are numerous options available. Whichever you would choose, you better do it as early as possible as the date of the big move draws near.

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