How to Properly Maintain Your Fireplace

Burning wood in the fireplace

Having a fireplace in your home can be a necessity or luxury, depending on the type of material you use to build it and the climate that your country has. Although a wood-burning fireplace in Salt Lake City can give off additional warmth and comfort to your home, your safety should remain to be your top priority. Sometimes safety and convenience do not come together when using things in our home. Thus, to help you keep your fireplace burning, here are a few ways to keep it clean and safe.

1. Check for any cracks

You might need to check your chimney for any damage and cracks. According to Family Handyman, you should also make sure that the chimney liner does not show any signs of deterioration or any loose bricks or even missing mortar. If so, kindly repair it right away. Hire an expert if you cannot do it yourself. Repairing a chimney can be really dangerous. DIY projects do not include keeping your chimney safe and clean if you are not sure or confident that you can do it successfully.

2. Never leave your children unattended

You should always keep a watchful eye on your children, especially if they are near the fireplace. You should not let your children play near the fireplace or use fire tools and other equipment as toys. Staying near fire can be comfortable, especially during winter, but it can be dangerous, too, especially if you are drunk or sick. Never allow your children to play alone or without the supervision of an adult in the living room where the fireplace is. Some children are not aware yet of the dangers fire can bring.

3. Keep the area well ventilated

Empty living room with fireplace

You should make sure that the fireplace area is well ventilated, so it will not become too smokey inside the room. There is a chance that the smoke will not go out properly if you keep the windows closed. Keep the air coming in and going out so that there is a good flow of air. It is best if you build huge windows in your living room where the fireplace is.

4. Check the damper

A damper is a removable plate that is found just above the fireplace and right below the flue. You might need to check if the damper is working properly so that you will not have any accidents inside your home. You should also check if there is any debris that is preventing your damper from properly closing and opening. If you are not sure about the safety of using the damper, make sure to contact a reputable fireplace expert.

Properly maintaining your fireplace is a great way to ensure your safety, especially while using it during winter.  You may need to hire professional services near your area so that you will get the proper service that you deserve. Doing so will ensure that your fireplace is safe to use at all times.

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