The Many Impressive Benefits of Edible Landscaping

Backyard edible landscape

There may be times when you consider putting up a garden to plant veggies, herbs, and fruits either for personal or commercial use. However, most homeowners would prefer to place these kinds of plants in their backyards. However, your front lawns can also accommodate your vegetable, fruit and herb gardens with just the right kind of landscaping and design. This is a great alternative since, aside from the fact that you get access to fresh food right at your doorstep, there are many benefits that you get from having edible landscaping in your front yard.


Most people view landscaping as purely for decorative purposes, but vegetable and fruit-bearing plants can be more than just eye candy. With this setup, you get both decorative plants in your well-kept lawn and a renewable food source. This helps you save up a lot on food costs because you are technically getting your vegetables, herbs, and fruits for free. As a bonus, you can even gain profit from this venture by selling your produce to your neighbors, which will be a guaranteed hit, especially if you prefer to grow your plants organically.

Minimal Effort

Compared to other ornamental plants, fruit-bearing plants and vegetables are hardier and can thrive even with minimal attention and the most basic maintenance. You don’t have to give them specialized care or fertilizers. Also, some fruits and vegetables are not as susceptible to diseases and issues that most decorative plants suffer from. In fact, the most expensive investment that you probably have to make will be purchasing decorative garden pots or antique copper planters from reliable providers such as Authentic Provence to house your fruit bushes and vegetable shrubs.

Becoming an Influencer

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Who doesn’t want a bit of fame in their lives? With a growing garden filled with rather peculiar plants, you’ll get your neighbors talking about you. They may even come up to your house and talk to you about your special garden. You can then take this opportunity to start an awareness and ecological campaign and get interested individuals to plant crops in their very own front yards. This is a good way to get the community involved in a sustainable and eco-friendly activity and encourage them to maximize their lawns and yards.

Pollution Control

All plants serve to help cut down the number of pollutants in the air and replenish the supply of fresh oxygen in their immediate location. Well, your edible landscaped garden is no different. The plants take in more carbon dioxide than other typical lawn greenery such as grass and hedges. They help alleviate the greenhouse effect that endangers our planet today. They also bring positive effects to you and your family since your yard now offers a fresher and healthier food source.

Landscaping and gardening are not always about boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal. Thinking outside of the box and using all available options at your disposal no matter how unconventional they may seem can net you positive results and numerous benefits. With proper garden management, this small investment will help you reap even greater rewards in due time.

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