Office Interior Suggestions to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

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An office is a busy place with a lot of ideas being thrown here and there and people trying to concentrate on how to improve the company’s output. Given the fact that a lot is going on at the office, stress is sure to take its toll on an employee’s working condition. It doesn’t even have to be physical as mental stress is known to impede productivity by at least 40% as compared to when employees are completely fine. A lot of factors can affect the presence of stress, and one of them is the working environment. It’s no secret that the environment that you’re in could play a big role in how you feel as well as your productivity at work.

The following are a few design suggestions that can improve your office’s atmosphere:

Glass Design

Glass, when strategically placed, can improve a room’s lighting and feeling of depth. If you happen to have an office space that’s a bit limited, glass mirrors can help improve the place’s depth and gives the illusion of a wider space and eliminates the feeling of nausea and claustrophobia. You can also implement glass dividers instead of wood or metal to improve the lighting from one room to another. Glass balustrades can also improve the aesthetics of the place, as well as improve the space’s value.

Green Design

Sustainable and eco-friendly design can also help improve the overall atmosphere of a place, let alone a stressful one like the office. Natural lighting and greenery are important parts of a productive office. First of all, natural light helps people see the environment better. Human vision is designed to adjust with changes in natural light, and it’s actually better for your eyes than fluorescent lighting. The latter can cause headaches and eye strain, as well as the feeling of being cooped up.

The kind of light you’re exposed to controls your melatonin levels, which in turn affects how focused and awake you feel. A recent study of young adults shows that more exposure to natural light led them to feel more alert while working under artificial light led them to feel drowsy. However,you would need commercial lighting in Tampa if the work happens at nighttime, so you can also consult with professionals on the best eco-friendly choices for that situation.

Color Schemes

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Colors also affect a room’s environment much like strategic lighting. The use of neutral colors helps relax the eyes as well as improve and reflect light. While at it, you can use eco-friendly paint that’s good for the environment primarily because they help lessen the air’s toxicity. According to science, the color blue stimulates the mind; yellow hues inspire creativity and green induces feelings of relaxation. Of course, this may vary from person to person. Identify colors that you find personally stimulating and incorporate them wherever you can.

The working environment doesn’t need to be limited to just work. Employees’ conditions should be considered at all times to ensure that they’re able to do their duties most safely and efficiently. An unhealthy worker is as good as an absent worker and may present more problems than the immediate need to catch up to numbers. Take care of your employees, and they will take care of you and your company.

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