The Significance of Gutter Cleaning

We have all seen the gutter cleaning specials and advertisements, but is it just a ploy to get homeowners to buy, repair, or replace their gutters or is it something we actually need? According to most gutter professionals, like the one in the attached video, gutter cleaning goes beyond being necessary. In fact, according to our aforementioned video, gutter cleaning will save our homes, our gutter systems, and even our wallets when it comes to expensive repairs for damage. And that isn’t only gutter damage but damage to our home as well.

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Many people are under the impression that when water freezes in gutters, the weight causes the gutter to pull away from the house, which is the beginning of water damage. The truth, however, is that clogged gutters have the exact same impact, because water is heavy (frozen or unfrozen), and standing water from gutter clogs leads to problems. The good news is that gutters don’t need to be cleaned every day or even every month. Per our video, it is suggested that gutter cleaning services be used twice a year. Have you had your gutters cleaned lately? If you haven’t, it might be worth thinking about and reaching out for professional gutter cleaning services, too.

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