Plants for Productivity: Uplift Your Employees’ Spirits with These Greens

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=Some people dread going to work because of the toxic environment. And the toxic environment could be interpreted literally: the design and minimalist aura of the office could lead to unhappy employees. The good thing is that it could be solved by as simple as putting plants all over your workplace.

A study revealed that turning your workplace into a vegetative state actually has a great effect on business. Employee productivity can actually increase by 15% through having plants all over the workplace no matter what layout it may have — a mezzanine office construction design, biophilic or activity-based.

It turns out that office landscaping has a massive effect on a worker’s general productivity and efficiency, and minimalist offices often result in miserable employees. A green environment actually encourages the minds of the employees to be more enthusiastic and actually communicates that the workplace can be comfortable and enjoyable.

It also shows how the employer seemingly says that they care about the welfare and the overall state of their employees. As if plants could not get any more perfect and helpful to humans, they turned out they could be more by relieving the stress of so many employees in their offices, by simply being there and decorated all over.

However, only a handful of plants are able to withstand and survive under low maintenance, particularly the low need for sunlight, and only indoor plants could thrive in warm environments. Select the best plants to decorate all over your workplace to uplift employee spirits and take care of those plants properly.

Here are some of the best low maintenance, low light plants to put around your workplace:


This small, beautiful plant is almost a given when it comes to the best plants to decorate around the office, and most workers put them on their desks to create a warm, peaceful workspace.

They are not only beautiful decorations that could be put around office desks or conference tables, but bonsai plants also require extra care and attention since it does not reach full maturity until it is at least ten years old, and taking care of it can actually become a life-long hobby.


The ultimate houseplant with beautiful variations of leaf colors and patterns. Apart from its uniqueness and beauty, Pothos is considered to be the perfect choice for hanging baskets. Hanging plants are unique and beautiful enough to compromise some employees ducking their heads around the office.

Snake Plant

potted plants

Since these plants would be placed indoors and in an otherwise busy environment, the simple tasks that require to keep these plants in check and give them proper attention, like watering them are bound to be neglected. Luckily, snake plants only need to be watered once in an entire month.

Apart from its beautiful thin and pointy leaves that would surely catch the attention of any worker, snake plants are also capable of absorbing different chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

However, snake plants unlike the previous ones on this list can grow longer leaves over time, so it is advised to put them in a much bigger space around the office and in sturdier pots.

These are some of the best choices for plant decorations around the office. Apart from these plants being stunning additions to the design of your workplace, they also require low maintenance and could survive the environment indoors.

These plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and are proven to help boost employee productivity so having them around your office would not be so bad at all.

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