Practical Ways to Save Money When Installing a Landscape

Landscaped front yard

You do not have to wait until you have saved a lot of money to install a landscape. If your yard is an eyesore, there are affordable ways to transform it. In case you are seeking to sell the property, a quality landscape can increase its value significantly. Here are workable ways to landscape on a budget:

Avoid Drastic Changes

If your landscape has problematic areas such as slopes, rocks, wet spots, and weeds, you do not have to make expensive changes. Ripping out stones, moving soil, uprooting trees, and removing everything that you do not like on your lawn would be costly. In case of steep and eroding land, stabilizing it with erosion-control cloths would work. These cloths are meshed, which allows for the planting of ground cover, lush plants, and vines. Since draining a wet spot might be expensive, especially if it is large, consider planting wetland plants on such places.

Choose the Right Types of Plants

While a landscape full of exotic plants is likely to stand out, it would be expensive. If you can find affordable exotic plants, consider buying drought-resistant perennials. Plants native to your locality will be easier to maintain, especially if your schedule is packed. Unlike exotic ones, they will be resistant to harsh local weather and some pests likely to attack exotic plants. If you must buy native plants, focus on affordable ones. Buying in bulk will also save you money. You can also try swapping plants with your neighbors.

Repair Before Replacing

Man installing swimming pool tilesYou do not have to replace existing fountains, swimming pools, and fences when installing your landscape. New fountains, ponds, and fences will give your lawn a boost regarding aesthetics. However, the project will be expensive. If you have a cement fountain, filling in cracks and then coating the entire fountain with a concrete sealer will work. Replacing damaged boards on your fence and repainting it is cheaper than replacing it. You do not have to build another swimming pool or make costly upgrades to your existing one when installing a landscape.

Hire a Landscape Contractor

The right custom landscape company in Salt Lake City can save you money when installing your landscape. A lot goes into designing, choosing materials, and laying a landscape. While you can still do the same on your own, you might make costly mistakes. If you make mistakes at the design phase, you might need to overhaul the entire landscape later, which would be expensive. Professional contractors are also less likely to make mistakes that result in wastage of materials.

Embrace Earth-Friendly Gardening

Environmentally correct gardening is cheaper than using garden chemicals. If plants are the focal point of your lawn, composting yard waste gives you free manure. In case you do not have enough fertilizer and mulch, you can always get some from community sources.

Understand that your lawn is different. You also have unique tastes and preferences. This makes it important not to assume that what worked for others would work for you, too. You need to evaluate your lawn carefully before attempting anything. Doing so helps you avoid the expenses that come with poor planning.

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