Six Ways to Turn Your Garden Room into a Functional Space

pergola in a garden

Adorned by the beauty of nature, a garden is usually seen as a serene sanctuary in any home. Often, homeowners allot a wide space for a garden. However, only a few can see past the space’s potential as a green landscape. A lot like a blank canvas, your extra outdoor space can potentially be turned into almost anything. Your imagination is the limit!

One of the best ways to maximize your outdoor space is by building a garden room. If you are interested in having one, here are a few unconventional yet functional garden room ideas you can choose from.

Covered Patio

A fulfilling way to immerse in the serenity of your garden is creating a space wherein you can stay and relax. Traditionally, a patio is an extension of a home. However, a garden room can adopt a patio style to give room for relaxing activities such as reading a book, having an afternoon tea party or simply just lazing around.


One of the best characteristics of a garden is its quiet atmosphere, making it the perfect place to work in. A garden room as a workstation is both a functional and creative way to maximize the extra outdoor space you have. Furthermore, it can help you internally focus on your work without having to fully disconnect from everyday life.


Another unconventional room idea you can convert your garden room into is an ashram. This is a place where you can practice yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities. And because gardens are normally a place for healing and relaxation, they make for an ideal place to set an ashram up.

Pool House

pool surrounded by garden

If you have a pool alongside your garden, you can also recreate your garden room into a mini pool house. While this idea is already widely adopted in many homes, there are a lot of stylish ideas you can use to spice it up. You can design a relaxing lounge with a mini bar for starters. Whatever it is, the goal is to have a space where you can unwind after a quick dip.

Creative Hub

For artists and aspiring ones, a garden room can also serve as a creative hub where you can peacefully practice your art. Whether you are into music, painting or something else, you can focus all your energy into your craft without the distractions of everyday life.


As established, gardens are perfect for unwinding, relaxing and relieving stress. So, why not create your very own personalized sanctuary? It is the perfect room idea, especially if you like availing of spa services at home. You can just call in a masseuse and spend the rest of the day de-stressing. As a bonus, you can even install a hot tub, sauna bath or steam room to extend the spa experience.

A garden room is a structure strategically placed amidst your garden. Often, this is used for aesthetic purposes. It is generally like a traditional conservatory. But this does not limit the variations of outdoor structures you can build.

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