4 Fun Garden Room Ideas

Extra space can create dramatic change in how you and your family move around your home. For some, an extension is a solution to create more room to work and play. However, this can cause a major reorganization, not to mention a whole lot of mess and work around the construction area. If you don’t want to get into a mess like this, a garden room is perfect for you.

With a garden room, you can create space without constructing anything new within your home. In addition, garden rooms offer a ‘home away from home’ feel and can easily be the focal point of your garden. If you want to have one or are looking to transform your current one, but are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there, here are creative garden room design ideas for your consideration:

1. Memorabilia room

Are you the biggest fan of Superman or the whole DC gang? Perhaps you are obsessed with everything Star Wars related and hoard as much memorabilia and trinkets related to it. Were you ever worried by the amount of stuff that you accumulate because of being an ultimate fan? Worry no more. One of the best garden room ideas that you can execute is a memorabilia room.

Now, you don’t need to fear that you don’t have any space for your beloved toys and collectibles. With this space, you can collect and display all you want. You are sure to be even prouder of your collection once they are properly arranged and displayed.

2. Spa

spa materials in a garden room

Are you always stressed from the fast-paced daily grind? Naturally, you want to come home and relax in your room. Step it a notch by customizing your garden room to become your very own home spa. Don’t hold back and include all those items that relax and calm you. Think about fitting a steam room, a rainfall shower, or a home sauna. To make it a completely relaxing experience, get a sufficient supply of your favorite massage oils, scented candles, and incense.

3. Gym

For those who don’t want to miss working out, a garden room transformed into a gym is a great idea. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get a full workout. Sweat and work out at your own pace by designing your garden room to include ample floor space and a few of your must-have gym equipment. It is also a good idea to install a shower and changing room if you still have the space and corresponding budget.

5. Guest room

If you are the type who likes to entertain guests, you can convert your garden room into a guest room. The days of squeezing everybody in the house are over, as you can accommodate some of your guests in this extra space. In addition, you can also make money out of the guest room. Simply list it on Airbnb or any other similar sites and you’re good to go.

Having extra space in your property is possible if you build a garden room and transform it into a usable and functional space. Start looking for a reliable contractor today.

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