Style Options for Wrought Iron Gates

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Wrought iron remains the oldest building material. It is however still regarded the best choice for those looking for old world beauty and durability. Among the common places where you can incorporate wrought iron into your overall architecture are the gates and fences.

The strength of this material also makes it the leading choice for these applications since it is impenetrable to security threats. Most property owners worry that the wrought iron gates for their property in Oxnard, CA, will resemble the countless ones they have seen all over.

This is however not the case now thanks to the broad design range available nowadays. Here are a few design styles that will make a perfect fit for your property.

Arched Top

In architecture, arches are used to offer a classic look reminiscent of the buildings in ancient Rome and Greece. You too can get this look with an arched top wrought iron gate. The arches available range from semi circles to gentle arcs which span across double gates.

Arched top gates also have several ornamentation options including simple circles and double rails. You can also opt for sharp finials to enhance your property’s security.

Straight Top

This is the best style for property owners looking for a minimalist style to match a contemporary house. Like arched top gates, this style can also include ornamentation.

The common design details between the rails in straight top gates are pickets, circles or geometric shapes that complement the minimalist look of the gate. The gates generally feature sharp finials to deter climbing.


This style features elaborate hand and machine-made designs including arcs, flourishes, and curls. It is also possible to customize the design for an ornate gate with medallions.

The design details are then finished with a powder coating to preserve the design. Ornamental gates match historical home designs including Mediterranean and mission styles.

Closed Metal

This style is typically chosen for its privacy. It features bottom and top rails spanning the gate’s posts and pickets in between the vertical areas. In most cases, this style features a metal sheet on the back to enhance privacy further. Closed metal gates match virtually all architectural styles.

Wood and Iron

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This style is also chosen for its privacy. The gates have wooden pickets and wrought iron at their tops. Sometimes there might also be decorative hinges in the wood façade to create a stark contrast between the straight wooden slats and bold iron frame.

The wood and iron gate style typically complements traditional style properties, but the sharp contrast also matches contemporary buildings.

When buying a wrought iron gate, you should ensure you deal with a genuine dealer. Most of the gates sold as wrought iron are in reality made of mild steel. This is because the mild steel is less expensive and most people will not tell the difference between the two materials.

Even with the above style options, you might be apprehensive about investing in a wrought iron gate owing to its rust susceptibility. There are however many treatments available nowadays for rust protection of iron gates.

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