Learn How to Clean Your Hardwood Floor More Effectively

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Hardwood floors are trendy in the past and upcoming years. They make any room charming and cozy. Plus, a hardwood floor could also increase its value. If you’re hiring a hardwood flooring contractor here in Salt Lake City, you might also want to find professional hardwood cleaners.

But, you also need to know the proper way to maintain them, so they remain beautiful and robust throughout the years. That way, you can save some money if you have the time to clean your own place. That said, below is a list of tips to help clean any hardwood floor.

Know the Basics

Just like with any flooring, you’ll need to dust, vacuum, and mop your hardwood floor. However, you need to know the proper tools and methods. For example, the use of electrostatic cloths. There are disposable ones you can buy for some quick dusting.

It’s also best if you do it regularly to keep your place clean and your floor looking more polished. When it comes to vacuuming, you can do this weekly or bi-weekly. However, never use a bar beater attachment–instead, use your vacuum with a floor brush attachment. The former could scratch your floor and ruin its aesthetic.

Lastly, mopping is the best way to deep clean your hardwood floor. It’s best done during spring cleaning or before the winter holidays. The best way to mop is to wring your mop or sponge to almost dry. Also, never stay in one place for long to avoid standing water, which could easily damage the wood.

If your cleaning product requires rinsing with only clean water, do so. After mopping, make sure you wipe any excess liquid with a dry cloth, sponge, or mop.

From Kitchen to Floor

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When choosing a cleaning agent, make sure you use a wood-specific product. However, you can also use a natural cleaning agent that can be found in your kitchen: vinegar. You only need a gallon of water mixed with ½ cup of white vinegar. Then, use our tip when mopping your floor.

Nevertheless, your vinegar mixture could dull your hardwood floor. Test your solution on a hidden spot first to see if it has that side effect. Using this mixture once in a while when deep cleaning can help, but never rely on it entirely as it could potentially ruin your floor’s seal.

What Not to Use

There are certain products that you should never use when cleaning your hardwood floors. Stay away from wax, furniture sprays, and any oil. Oil could leave residues. Furniture sprays will only make your floors slippery, which makes you more prone to slipping and accidents.

Meanwhile, wax could help polish your floors, but it takes time to apply, and it can be difficult to add another coat. You should also avoid using alkaline products and ammonia, or any abrasive cleaning products that can dull your floors and scratch it.

Hardwood floors are among the most high-maintenance flooring. You need to make sure that you clean every day if the traffic is high and it’s always dirty. However, once cleaned and polished, your floor can make your home look more picture-perfect.

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