The Essentials of Garden Design

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Well-tended gardens never fail to enliven and beautify a living area. Whether it is a garden for growing vegetables or decorative flowers, the goal is to keep plants thriving while maintaining a beautiful design. However, landscaping can be challenging, especially for beginners in gardening. In this article, we will provide the essential aspects of garden design to help you get started in creating your personal Eden.

Before we cut to the chase, let us first discuss the struggles you are likely to encounter. Certain elements when gardening may sometimes appear to be beyond your control. In fact, environmental factors are indeed uncontrollable and unpredictable. Weather changes constantly, weeds appear suddenly, and annoying critters antagonise your plants. All these can affect your otherwise beautiful outdoor landscape.

Still, with several key factors and artistic principles, you can professionally sustain the beauty of your garden. Let us jump right into these essentials:

Good Lighting

Warm backlighting enlivens a garden. Although natural light is beyond your control, you can play with the interaction of light and shade by positioning items and plants in agreeable and complementing locations. You can also have an artificial lighting system installed in your garden to make it look magical during the night.

The positioning of light leads to varying effects. For instance, front lighting allows a particular feature to be highlighted, backlighting creates mysterious silhouettes, and side lighting adds a dramatic vibe while ensuring safety among paths for walking.

Interplay of Textures

Use varying textures, as these can bring subtle improvements to the appearance of your garden. There are different types of textures for plants like smooth, rough, prickly, coarse — anything you can imagine. Aim for a good balance through repetition and contrast. You can also make use of textures of bricks, wood, gravel, or other materials found in your garden.

Compost Bins

Sustainable gardening makes use of resources in an ecological and cost-effective way. Having compost bins in your garden for recycling waste products from the kitchen or yard allows you to have some free fertiliser for your plants while minimising waste.

Resin Garden Sheds

Garden shed

Garden sheds are not just efficient for storing tools, but they can also be a good decorative item that adds a rustic feel in your area. Upgrade your shed by replacing it with a double-walled resin shed. According to the Chainsaw Journal, resin garden sheds are affordable and relatively easy to maintain, as they do not require painting and its material prolongs its usability since it will not crack, rot, peel or rust.

Colour Scheme

Using just one colour can make any garden look organised and modern. Simple colour schemes are timeless, neat, and enchanting. Express your feelings and personality by combining colours and achieving harmony.

According to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, flowers are considered the jewels of the garden. However, having too many varying colours can make the area look disorganised, crowded, and chaotic. Follow a colour scheme with complementing shades that are visually pleasing and promote calmness of the mind.

Gardening is fun, but you have to know which works for your landscape. This way, it will look appealing to anybody who sees it.

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