Transform Your Workspace and Boost Productivity With These Design Ideas


Coming to work every day from 9-5 may seem robotic for some people, especially in an office where the work requires to be behind a computer screen. That daily repetitive routine might wear out some of the employees’ productivity and energy, which would result in inefficiency and sometimes stress.

Several factors can affect employee productivity. For example, some businesses really invest in upgrading facilities and renovations because it was proven that even the simplest office refurbishment in Sydney could help boost employee productivity.

Even a simple improvement on the workspace could make a big difference. Here are a few design tips that you could glean inspiration from for better employee experience:

Have Enough Spaces for Movement

There would be times that some employees would be overwhelmed with their workload and would like to step outside to breathe in and relax for a while. Having enough room or space in the office area would give more opportunities for the employees to pace around a little to recharge.

Given this opportunity, not only would the employees would be able to deal with stress and reduce stress, but they would also be more focused on work with no other burdens to deal with. This would also energise the employees more even by simply just pacing around, instead of being seated for their entire shift.

Effectively Use How the Brain Responds to Colour (Paint Your Office Walls/Furniture)

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Everybody is aware that different colours evoke different types of emotions to the brain. For instance, brighter and vivid colours are easily recognised by the brain compared to darker and dull ones. This is why most fast-food chains use the colour red because it is easily distinguishable to the eyes compared to different colours.

And this could, therefore, attract more customers. For employee productivity, you could also make use of the psychology behind colours – while still being true to your company’s philosophies. For example, darker shades of colour like black or grey usually convey professionalism and authority.

But depending on how it is accentuated, it could make a very stunning complement to lighter colours for a luxurious look for your workspace.

Have Higher Ceilings

According to research, employees tend to have higher productivity and would have a higher chance of creative thinking and open thinking, if the workplace has a high ceiling. The ideal height of the ceiling is believed to be 10 feet or even higher.

Some people tend to look up when thinking of ideas, and sometimes when there’s more ‘open’ space above them, the more they can think freely and creatively.

Have Plants Surround Your Office

Research has shown that having different plants in the workspace could actually boost productivity in the office. Several low maintenance plants could survive harsh environments and with little sunlight.

Plus, these plants will not only look fantastic as office décor but could also prevent sickness and provide clean air. These types of plants could be cactus, Aloe Vera, ZZ plant, bamboo, snake plant and many more.

Working is hard for everybody, but it is a need to survive. Even simple changes in the work environment could help boost the morale of the employees subconsciously – in the form of open spaces, higher ceilings, psychology and proper use of colour, and a plant.

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