Top Reasons for Building Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

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Very few people realize just how important efficient building testing, adjusting, and balancing is to achieve the comfort and safety of occupants. Also called TAB, these specialized procedures are focused on ensuring that everything in a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is functioning properly at all times. A typical TAB project in Boise, Idaho and other places involves checking the air and hydronic systems, as well as the conduct of various tests on temperature, fume and kitchen hood, duct leakage, and building or zone pressurization.

As specialized processes, TAB tasks require that companies offering them have certifications from professional organizations such as the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) and the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC). Such a regulatory measure guarantees that only trained personnel are working on such a delicate project for the safety of all building occupants like students and workers.

Meanwhile, here are four reasons you should have testing, adjusting, and balancing done on your building soon:

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Detection and correction of cold/hot spots and drafty areas

Among the most common HVAC related problems in schools, offices, and homes are called cold spots and hot spots. These are areas that are unusually cold or warm at any given time when compared with the rest of the building. There could also be areas with abnormal drafts that cause doors or windows to shut or open. These are all air balancing issues and can be detected and corrected with TAB handled by a professional company.

Preventive maintenance can be performed immediately

Part of the benefits of having TAB in any building is the ability to proactively respond to all HVAC-related issues detected during the testing phase. For example, inefficient airflow due to an issue with outlet dampers can be fixed by installing balancing dampers. This simple preventive maintenance technique can go a long way in preventing damages to your HVAC system and guaranteeing the comfort of everyone inside your building.

Balancing devices can be installed before building construction

In theory, TAB work should be done before building construction even begins. This is to give the TAB company enough time to go over the HVAC system schematics and to make the necessary adjustments when required. For example, if the HVAC system drawings show a glaring lack of balancing devices, the TAB company can provide a schematic drawing showing all the balancing devices that must be installed. This saves time and ensures that as soon as the building is finished and ready for occupancy, its HVAC system is already properly balanced for the comfort of everyone.

Occupant comfort is ensured

As mentioned, TAB work is critical for the comfort of every building occupant. Without such an important process, a building is bound to experience problems in its HVAC system that could cause undue discomfort to everyone inside. By having TAB the soonest possible time, you can avoid such an issue from happening in the first place and instead ensure that all occupants of your building will stay comfortable throughout the year.

Knowing all these critical pieces of information on the importance of TAB, you should hire the right company to perform it. By getting the right people to do the job, you can expect all the benefits and avoid the problems mentioned above.

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