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Contrary to popular belief, redecorating your house does not have to cost much time and money. There are ways you can tweak your dated rooms with some elbow grease, a toolbox, some paint cans, plywood that you can buy from your local hardware store, and, of course, sheer determination. Here are some easy home makeover projects that you can do over the weekend. You’ll be waking up to a revamped space, perfect to lift your mood up on a Monday morning:

Recreate your furniture

Envious of those coffee tables featured in lifestyle shows, serving as the centerpieces of living rooms? Those things cost a lot, but you have all the means to revamp your very own coffee table, no matter how dreary-looking and mug-stained it may be. The key is to simply strip off its current coat of paint and finish. Sand down any imperfections you may see, and then fill in any chips and scratches with retouching markers and nail polish. If you’re feeling fancy, use wood filler. After this, add some primer, fresh coats of paint, and voila – you have a new piece of furniture, without shelling out much money.

Organize your closet

Do you spend so much time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear? This can be incredibly stressful, but a cluttered closet may be the main culprit. Another major home makeover project that you can do is to simply just purge your wardrobe. Let go of items that you never wear anyway. These include your stash of itchy sweaters you swear will come in handy one day and those pair of jeans you swear will fit you as soon as you begin your daily exercise routine. 

After getting rid of such items, get yourself linen boxes in different sizes for your accessories, as well as no-slip hangers for your coats and tops. And if you’re truly feeling extra, place air fresheners in your closet. This way, your closet will never be plagued by that pesky smell, and your clothes will remain smelling fresh as ever. 

Get yourself new bathroom accessories

Bathrooms are often overlooked, but most of the time they require the most attention. When it comes to giving bathroom makeovers, the devil lies in the little details. For instance, you can opt to replace your old shower curtain with a new one. This small move will make all the difference without shelling too much money. While you’re out getting a new shower curtain, pick up a new trash can, a matching bath mat, a soap dish, and fresh towels.

Paint an accent wall

This year’s Pantones color of the year is classic blue, which is the perfect color to add to your chosen wall. Don’t paint every wall, though. Just choose one, as this will instantly add interest to your room. You do not have to stick to blue, though. Since the wall will serve as the focal point, ensure that the color matches the rest of your room’s color and aesthetic. If your chosen color doesn’t, add some pieces, such as rugs, to tie in the overall color palette of your room. 

Do a kitchen makeover

Yes, the festive season is officially over, and it is now vital that you upgrade your kitchen in the most economical way you possibly can. To begin the makeover, determine which functional changes are necessary for your kitchen. It may be the malfunctioning oven or perhaps the stained countertop. Whatever it may be, focus on a single aspect and examine if it needs a quick DIY or a professional service. 

You may need electrical work for malfunctioning ovens, but weary countertops can be fixed with just fresh coats of paint. Should you wish to add more seating space, a quick trip to the home store will allow you to purchase a new table with matching chairs. When doing a kitchen makeover, remember that planning is key.

There’s still so much you can do over the weekend. You can even tackle your garage or basement. Planning is key, as well as establishing your priorities before starting any project. In any case, your home makeover projects do not have to be expensive. With the right tools and a strong desire for change, you’ll have the space of your dreams in no time.

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