Top Remodeling Projects for Higher Property Value

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Remodeling projects for your home might seem overwhelming to some, while others are even intimidated by the idea. With the average annual remodeling expenses of $400, it is understandable that some people hesitate to try a kitchen remodeling project in Fort Wayne and many other places.

However, this hesitation could be answered by the 2019 report by the National Association of Realtors that discusses the reasons of homeowners who choose to remodel their property and the satisfaction that they get out of a completed project.

Some of the interior projects included in the study are kitchen renovations, kitchen upgrades, closet renovations, basement conversions, and paint jobs. Topping the list of the most satisfying remodeling project is a kitchen renovation. According to the respondents, the completed project always brings satisfaction due to improved livability and functionality of the area.

The kitchen is the most frequented place in the house, yet it is where homeowners do not necessarily stay for long. This creates fresh encounters every time homeowners visit the kitchen, thus making the project satisfying every single time. Also, what you can find and what you build in your kitchen are always based on what you need. It is a personal connection between the homeowner and the household. This strengthens the satisfaction that the project initially gives.

However, not all renovations are for personal satisfaction. This is also a way for homeowners to increase the value of their property. Unlike land, houses are vulnerable to price depreciation eventually. Thus, remodeling is a sort of investment for those who want to be practical in case they need to sell their property in the future.  So, here are the different remodeling projects that you can consider for higher property value:


  • Kitchen remodel. Consider a paint job that you prefer and include energy-efficient appliances that cater to your personal activities in the kitchen. Choose the style, size, and quality that fits your household and your kitchen needs.
  • Two-story addition. Additional space is of additional value. Whatever functionality your second story addition holds, it will surely be an upgrade of your indoor living space. This is a practical decision especially for growing families who need additional spaces for better mobility within their homes.
  • Bathroom addition. Your family might need more bathrooms than you already have since schedules at work and in school are usually synched. So, you can maximize the space of your home by finding an underutilized space, and add a bathroom for better functionality.
  • Reinventing a room. Attic spaces, basements, or even a room in or over the garage works as another livable space. You can create new individual rooms or create additional living areas when you reinvent them. Be creative to address your family’s need for space.
  • Adding energy-efficient windows and insulation. Saving energy is equal to saving a lot of money for a homeowner. This will always be an advantageous feature of your home. When you remodel your windows and insulation, keep energy-efficiency in mind.

There are more remodeling projects that you can plan. Some of them are garage door replacement, steel entry door, wood deck addition, fiber cement siding, and wood replacement windows.

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