Your Ultimate Guide to Flat Roof Restoration

In the video above, the reporter provides insights into the meticulous process of replacing a flat roof on a four-story building, specializing in commercial roof restoration. With a warm greeting, the reporter underscores the importance of customer education about roofing, setting the stage for an informative overview of the steps involved in a full flat roof replacement.

The first step, as highlighted, is a complete tear-off of the existing roof down to the structural wood deck. This initial phase ensures a solid foundation for the subsequent steps, including the replacement of all rotted plywood and the meticulous installation of a high-density insulation board.

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The reporter introduces a Firestone self-adhesive sheet, emphasizing its superiority over the traditional felt paper and its role in preventing unnecessary holes in the deck

Continuing the reporter advises against outdated and illegal roofing methods, such as the use of A PP or silver paint style roofs, while underscoring the importance of compliance with the housing codes regarding roof layering. This informative guide sets the tone for a thorough and compliant flat roof replacement process, ensuring longevity and quality for the property. In the concluding remarks, everyone is assured that the completion of the project includes not only a successful roofing endeavor but also a meticulous cleanup, leaving the house in pristine condition.


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