Your Guide to Using a Weld Brush

In the video above, the reporter introduces a product sent to the team by Tigbrush: the TBE 700 Electro polisher, a cutting-edge tool designed specifically for cleaning oxide layers from stainless welds. This process is crucial in preventing contamination that could lead to structural damage. The unboxing showcases a range of components essential for optimal usage, including cleaning fluid, neutralizer, personal protective equipment (PPE), ground cable, brush, consumables, and weld brush supplies.

Transitioning to welding, the reporter details the setup and settings for welding stainless steel, underscoring the importance of maintaining gas coverage and utilizing thinner wire to match the base material’s thickness. Introducing the TBE 700’s remarkable features, such as its hundred percent duty cycle and efficient cleaning capabilities for heavily oxidized welds, he emphasizes safety measures.

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The discussion on the mild, specialized fluids used and their reduced risk of irritation ensures a safer working environment for welders.

The reporter’s engaging narration walks viewers through the TBE 700’s unboxing, operational details, and practical demonstration, offering a comprehensive understanding of its utility in the welding industry. His enthusiasm and knowledge make the video both informative and compelling for novices and experienced welders alike. Viewers are not only treated to a detailed walkthrough of the TBE 700 but also benefit from the reporter’s insightful comparisons with other industry-standard tools.


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