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Home and Lifestyle Trends in the Time of Corona

It has been seven months since the coronavirus took the world by storm. In what felt like a blink of an eye, so many previous lifestyle choices became obsolete and even dangerous. With new social distancing guidelines, we have had to re-think how our houses are built, how we consume our food and media, and even

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White Picket Fences and the Americana Aesthetic

American suburbia is more than just a quiet place to raise a family: it’s a symbol of some of the highest ideals of traditional America. In the suburbs, you’re going to find the nuclear family consisting of a homemaker mom, a dad that brings home the bacon, a station wagon, a craftsman house, and of

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creased up wallpaper

Wallpapers: Choosing the Right Type and Some Maintenance Tips

Painting the walls is great, but decorating with wallpapers undeniably adds more uniqueness and personality to your home. Adding wallpaper is becoming more common and if you find yourself taking this route as well, be prepared because there are many options available. From color and style to patterns, the options could be overwhelming. You can

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Carved pumpkins

Making the Holiday Season a Decoration Delight

The holidays are here again, and if there’s any time to spruce up your home with decor, it’s this time of the year. Many people do the bare minimum when it comes to decorations. But, if you are going to do anything, it’s best to go all out. Here’s a brief guide on how you

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Woman gardening

The Essentials of Garden Design

Well-tended gardens never fail to enliven and beautify a living area. Whether it is a garden for growing vegetables or decorative flowers, the goal is to keep plants thriving while maintaining a beautiful design. However, landscaping can be challenging, especially for beginners in gardening. In this article, we will provide the essential aspects of garden

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Modern bathroom

Low-Maintenance Meets High-Tech: Latest Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

This year, sleek and modern kitchens and bathrooms are in. Since the advent of smart technology, this is also the age of smart kitchens and bathrooms. This means blending form, function, and aesthetics in the designs. It’s all about creating refreshing spaces that elevate the functionality of a room, making day-to-day activities a breeze. Here

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home design

Designing Your House Using the Principles of Dressing Up

You choose clothes based on factors that are important to you. Some prefer comfort over looks, while others try to be trendy even if they have to suffer for what they consider beauty. It’s becoming prevalent to find a healthy balance among these factors, however. You can choose comfortable clothes that still look trendy so

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woman working in a shared office space

Why Coworking Space Operators Need to Invest in Design

Coworking space operators should consider investing in better commercial interior design in Singapore, where demand for flexible workspaces has increased because of rising rental rates for traditional offices. In fact, shared office spaces now account for a large share of prime properties in the country because of the growing demand. Coworking: an Established Office Segment

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small home interior

The Tiny and Space-saving Home: A Growing Trend

In today’s world, the struggle to save space and efficiently use it is a big deal. Gone are the days of having large, open spaces as the focal point of the design. Tiny houses and apartments are now the trends, and many young people are following them. Using what little space you have has also

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Old Furniture Pieces You Can Turn Into a Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom is one of the most popular spaces in any given home, and it sees a high degree of traffic. This should make it easy to understand why bathroom remodels are some of the most frequent projects that are done. From getting colored bathroom sinks to installing an all in one vanity, there’s a

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