Couple choosing color for walls

Home Improvements to Keep Your Spaces Stylish

Three of the top home decorating trends that dominated 2018 were subway tiles, exposed lighting, and rose gold accents. This year, designers are getting more into pieces and patterns that are reminiscent of old styles but still have a much fresher take. Many homeowners can make improvements in their spaces this year not only in

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Woman cleaning

Leave No Stone Unturned when Cleaning the House

It’s easy to take a quick sweep of the house, hide the clutter, and call it a day. When you are expecting guests at the last minute, it’s understandable that you’ll want to shove disorganized items into a cabinet that, hopefully, guests will not be tempted to open. What they don’t see will not hurt

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Residential asphalt roof shingles

Metal vs. Asphalt: Which is Better for Roofing Shingles?

It can be confusing to choose between asphalt and metal, especially when you start to plan for roof replacement or installation, but knowing some guidelines should make it easier aside from knowing your budget limitations. Homeowners have different options for metal roofing, unlike asphalt shingles. Some choose metal since they want a stronger and energy-efficient

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kitchen with ceramic tiles

Tiles vs. Wood: Which One Is Better for Your Kitchen?

You’re remodeling or building your New Zealand kitchen, and now you’re faced with the dilemma: should you use tiles or wood for floors? Flooring isn’t cheap and is time-consuming, so your decision can make or break your coffers. It might also affect the overall resale value of your property in the future. To help you

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Modern fireplace in the living room

5 Important Things to Consider in Finding the Right Fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace that best fits your home can pose quite a challenge. With so many fireplace options out there—from wood, natural stone, brick, metal, to gas and electric fireplaces—looking for the right one can get pretty overwhelming. Thus, before you call a professional fireplace service in Salt Lake City, take note of these

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Modern Design Ideas for Kitchen Counters

The countertops are the workhorses of your kitchen. You will put all your appliances and other items on the counter and still prepare your meals on them. As such, they are often the first ones to wear out in most residential and commercial kitchens. A worn-out kitchen counter not only dampens the appearance of your

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modern kitchen sink with white tiles

Add a Splash of Creativity to Your Kitchen Backsplashes

A home is a product of a sort of evolution. Homeowners are always adding or changing something around the house. As you adapt and adopt new technologies, designs, and lifestyles, so does your home. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any house. You spend a lot of time in there, rifling through

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Carpet Styles for Your Home: Deciphering the Options

Carpets provide a cushioned cover for your floor. Regardless of the material, carpets are made when a yarn is looped through backing materials. The process resembles that of sewing a button in place. The loops are then either left as they are cut to different lengths and at different angles. Many people looking for a

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Clean contemporary bathroom

A Brief History of the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the many modern amenities that we take for granted. After all, it’s now a requirement for homes to come with running water that we can use every day. Excellent for our health, sanitation, appearance, and overall well-being, a good bath is undoubtedly one of the best comforts of life. But

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Making Your Home Friendly to Foreign Exchange Students and Tourists

Travel to other countries is now more accessible to students and tourists. Because of this, affordable abodes for these people are necessary as well. Even households can offer their spare rooms and gain both experience and a profit. If you’re looking to delve in this business of hospitality, then you’ll need to make these preparations

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