12 Creative Things You Can Do Around the House With PVC Pipes

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Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, is ranked third in the world’s most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer, with around 40 million tons produced annually. They are used in different industries for different reasons by different people, from a reliable injection molding supplier to a toy manufacturer. Its versatility and durability have made it a staple in a lot of industries and businesses, especially in construction.

Aside from its most obvious uses in construction sites, PVC pipes have other alternative and creative uses around the house. Here are some of them:

  1. Wine Glass Holder

Why waste those precious wine glasses and keep them hidden in your kitchen cabinets when you can display them for everyone to see? All you need is a piece of PVC pipe, cut a channel in it, and install it upside down and you have a nifty wine glass holder.

  1. Foldable Greenhouse

Okay This may seem like an intimidating project to do around the house but it’s really easy. It’s just large. But it will help protect your plants from cold weather and frost. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and very practical. Check out Bonnie Plants for the tutorial.

  1. Strawberry Tower

Since vertical gardens are a thing nowadays, get a piece of the action and install a vertical garden of your own on your property. Take a few PVC pipes and stick them into the ground to grow strawberries in them.

  1. Clothes Rack

The great thing about PVC pipes is they come in different sizes with different joints to hold them together Because of this, you can be as creative as you can in coming up with neat things around the house such as a clothes rack to dry or hang clothes on.

  1. Toddler’s Chair

If you have a toddler at home, you can make a custom chair that’s the right size for your precious child with a few PVC pipes, some elbow joints, and a strong piece of cloth.

  1. Planters for Succulents

If you’re a huge sucker for succulents, here’s a quick DIY for your precious plants. Grab some PVC couplings and caps from a hardware store. Fit the caps into the couplings, fill them up with soil and plant your succulents. Easy fix!


  1. Picture or Artwork Frame

This is a pretty fun DIY project to do. Take several different-sized PVC pipes and saw them into smaller cylinders about an inch high. Then start gluing them randomly together to create a frame. You can make a rectangular frame or a round one, or any shape you want. The only limit is your imagination and creativity.

  1. Desk and Drawer Organizers

Are messy desks and drawers a constant pain for you? Worry no more. PVC pipes are here to save you from your organizational dilemma. Cut up a few foot-lengths with a diameter that’s large enough to store items and trinkets but small enough to fit into your drawers. Cut the pipe lengthwise in half and place them in your drawers or on your desk as an instant organizational storage solution.

  1. Tomato Cages

If you’ve been wanting to grow your own veggies at home, you can start growing tomatoes since they’re relatively easy to grow. Instead of buying flimsy tomato cages, a few 10-foot ½-inch PVCs and some joints can produce sturdier tomato cages that will look great on any home garden.

  1. Wine Rack

For the wine connoisseur in you, this DIY project will give you the chance to uniquely showcase your fine collection. With a few 6-inch PVC pipes, a saw cutter, and some glue, you can assemble a wine rack that will fit any space or cabinet in your home.

  1. Tool Organizer

PVC pipes can also be converted into tool organizers for your garage. There are several ways of doing this. You can make overhead storage for the garage out of a few 1-inch pipes and connectors. Or perhaps you can cut them up into smaller tubes to store screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and other handy tools. If you cut up a channel along a 3- or 4-inch pipe and install it upside down under a shelf, they can hold some of your power tools.

  1. Flower Vase and Centerpiece

A piece of PVC pipe can go a long way. You can use it to help beautify your home by making a flower vase or centerpiece out of it. You can create a customized flower vase for your living room or dining table by cutting a piece of PVC pipe, closing one end, and stylizing it.

Indeed, PVC pipes have a lot of great uses around the house other than for plumbing purposes. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can turn a simple and dull piece of plastic into something wonderful and functional for your home.

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