Factors That Dictate the Cost of a Fence Installation Project

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Building a fence can set you back anywhere between $500 and $4,500. The price range of fence installation in Salt Lake City and other major cities in the United States is somewhat wide for several reasons.

Actually, there are some key factors that affect such a project’s overall cost. Learn about them below.


Let us begin with the most obvious cost drive: fencing material. You can choose from numerous options, including vinyl and iron, at various price points. Artificial ones are usually more economical than their naturally occurring counterparts since their supply do not largely rely on scarce resources.

Furthermore, each fencing material has a unique set of mechanical properties, which is valued accordingly. For instance, metal fencing that is immune to rust may cost a bit more due to its weather resistance.


Fencing products are generally priced per linear foot. Their standard sizes are four, six, and ten feet high. Naturally, the taller the fence, the more expensive it gets.


How much ground will your fence have to cover? If you need to define the borders of a large yard, you have to spend more money than you would when a piece of smaller land is in question, of course.

Design Intricacy

Fences are not designed the same. Some come in chain links or pickets while others appear as thin walls made of wood. Generally, fences have decorative details, but a few use greenery veneer. Although fencing pieces or sections can be mass-produced, those with more intricate elements are more difficult to manufacture.

The best way to plan a fencing project on a budget is to pick a simplistic style. But it may not complement the rest of your property exterior. Considering the visual weight fences have when viewed from the street, it makes financial sense to choose a more delicate design (if necessary) in the name of curb appeal.

Moreover, locking gate doors can eat up a significant portion of your fencing budget. The prices of pieces of hardware necessary to have operating sections will add up.

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Do you want to incorporate some illumination into your fence design? The addition of lights inevitably jacks up the cost of the project. It involves connecting them into your electrical system. It could be a rather huge undertaking if a large number of fixtures is needed and if they are sophisticated in design.

Security System

Do you have a smart home? Perhaps you want to add automation features as well as electronic devices such as surveillance cameras and motion sensors.


Experience affects the cost of labor since the extra charge has been earned. While you could find someone who might be willing to provide installation services for less, you should not always select the lowest bidder because you will likely get what you paid for.


Plan examiners judge the cost of a permit based on the estimated construction cost. Hence, the need for accurate project plans upon permit application. Before you pay the cost of the actual permit, you will also need to pay a review fee after submitting the required documents.

Fencing installation has lots of moving parts, and one factor could significantly influence the cost of the overall project. It is enticing to pick the fancies fence design since you might do it only once, but do not be afraid to satisfice to keep your expenditure to a minimum while still attaining your primary home improvement goals.

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